Ordr – The leader in asset discovery and security for all connected devices

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Digital transformation has led to the inevitable increase of connected devices, and the corresponding need to discover and secure these devices. Ordr’s forward-thinking founders (who previously built multi-billion dollar infrastructure products at organizations like Cisco and Aruba Networks), established Ordr in 2015 to deliver visibility and security for these devices. Ordr is the leader in IoT and unmanaged device security.
Ordr’s innovations:
High-fidelity discovery for total visibility and management of connected devices — Because many unmanaged and IoT devices can impact operations, it’s critical that device discovery does not disrupt the network. Ordr uses deep packet inspection (DPI) decoding packet and network flows to identify every device on the network; and then uses advanced machine learning to analyze application-level behavior and classify devices based on their type and business function.
An industry-first device Flow Genome — Ordr is the only IoT and unmanaged device security company that uses advanced machine learning to map device communications patterns and behaviors at a granular level. These communications patterns allow security and networking teams to visualize device flows within their networking architecture, baseline normal behavior, and identify anomalous or suspicious behaviors. Ordr Constellation View provides a visualization of device communications by grouping, and shows whether a group of devices are communicating internally, externally, to certain entities.
Dynamic segmentation policies — Ordr empowers businesses to create automatically-enforced segmentation policies on existing infrastructure so devices only perform sanctioned communications. When security issues are identified on any device, Ordr eliminates the manual task of creating policies for proper segmentation based on their workflow.
Ordr is the first IoT device security company to support both on-premise and SaaS deployments. Ordr recently introduced zero touch provisioning capabilities for its SaaS deployment that allow an Ordr sensor to self-provision, automatically “call home”, and display a full device inventory on an intuitive cloud dashboard.

How we are different

- Ordr breaks down security silos that can wreak havoc on an organization via a single platform that addresses the needs of security, networking and device owners. Partnerships across IT/Security/Facilities/Clinical engineers, who are often responsible for their own domain, work better together in protecting the gamut of devices that may become attack vectors. With Ordr’s holistic approach to security, you can discover all connected devices in the environment, including IoT, IIoT, OT and IoMT. You can also analyze, for example, whether your vending machine is connected to the same VLAN as your MRI. Or whether an employee Tesla is connecting to the corporate network. Targeting a security solution to just one department leaves an organization vulnerable to attacks from poorly protected devices.
- Ordr does not simply showcase the problem -- it provides actionable responses to secure an organization. Ordr allows organizations to baseline device communications and then automatically creates Zero Trust segmentation policies to only allow sanctioned communications that are required. Ordr’s deep 3rd party integrations provides the ability to enforce Zero Trust on any security or networking infrastructure in the organization. This is critical to optimize security operations and ensure vulnerable devices are locked down using a positive security model.
- Ordr offers flexible, seamless deployment -- Ordr uses an agentless, passive deployment model; this means there is no impact to sensitive IoT, IIoT, or IoMT devices. Both on-premise and cloud deployments are offered, providing flexibility for the user.