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Change is inevitable, but at Mutare, we make it easy. For three decades, Mutare has been empowering organizations to re-imagine a better way to connect with each other. Today, through our transformative voice traffic filter and digital voice and text messaging solutions, we make communications with colleagues, customers and prospects simple, secure and effective. And that means our customers have more time and less stress for their employees, offer a more positive experience for their customers, and achieve improved bottom line results for their organization.

Our forward-looking leadership team is made up of dedicated, focused and experienced people who care about transforming business communications and improving the lives of others. Working together with our employees, their knowledge and experience come together to make a difference for all our stakeholders – customers, partners, businesses and communities. We are changemakers.

In a world where cybersecurity is a critical business priority, it is beyond belief that one of the main doorways between business and the public has been left open and unguarded — the voice network. Mutare is blazing a new trail to combat voice network threats with the development of its Voice Traffic Filter. Our innovative solution is empowering organizations to protect their most vulnerable endpoint, their voice network, from harmful vishing (voice phishing) attacks, which have grown 550% in the last year. The Voice Traffic Filter’s sophisticated, groundbreaking technology is designed to detect and deflect both nuisance and nefarious calls, including robocalls, spammers, scammers and vishers, at the network edge. While there are a number of applications on the market designed to block robocalls, no other platform comes close to the Mutare Voice Traffic Filter’s breadth of nuisance and nefarious voice traffic detection and filtering capabilities.

How we are different

As a thought leader and with extensive expertise in the voice network and telecommunications space, Mutare is dedicated to shedding a light on the growing impact of vishing (voice phishing) and has developed groundbreaking technology to help companies gain visibility into the traffic traversing their network, providing metrics to understand the true scope, scale and impact of unwanted traffic. Additionally, Mutare helps companies remove unwanted and nefarious traffic from their network, which, in turn, reduces cybersecurity risk, improves network reliability and boosts team member performance.

There are many tools on the market that block robocalls, but Mutare is the only company to develop a solution that acts as a firewall for your voice traffic. Through extensive research and innovative thinking, the Mutare’s voice filtering technology helps diminish the risk of ransomware, TDoS, theft and fraud with five unique layers of protection, including a STIR/SHAKEN filter, proprietary dynamic database filter, threat radar, which uses machine learning, and AI, voice CAPTCHA and custom rules. Since inception, the Mutare Voice Traffic Filter has empowered enterprises across multiple industries, including healthcare, financial services, technology, education and construction, to take control of their voice network traffic, significantly reducing the number of unwanted calls and saving thousands – if not millions – of dollars in terms of overall productivity each year.

The continued escalation of nefarious and nuisance phone calls to enterprises in the form of robocalls, spoof calls, scam calls, spam calls, spam storms, vishing, smishing and social engineering are the catalyst for an expanding wave of cyber attacks. This led Mutare to conduct a survey at two high-profile technology industry conferences to understand the market’s awareness of Voice Network Traffic as an under-appreciated threat vector. The Voice Network Threat Survey reveals serious shortcomings in enterprise security protections against voice network attacks.