The ProtectWise Grid

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The ProtectWise Grid is the only complete cloud security solution, enabling pervasive visibility into various environments. The Grid is unrivaled in its ability to help users not only understand what is happening in real time, but also to go back in time and show progression in attacks. Users know when and how an attack happens, and are able to pinpoint the attack for rapid remediation. ProtectWise delivers pervasive visibility into an enterprise’s full security environment for a fraction of the cost of other competitive products, and can seamlessly integrate with the existing security infrastructure.
By harnessing the power of the cloud, the Grid provides a scalable solution that can meet the needs of the largest enterprises or government organizations. The Grid requires no heavy, costly hardware, instead using lightweight sensors to capture network flow. ProtectWise sensors use patent-pending replay technology to optimize and compress network traffic, reducing bandwidth consumption by up to 80 percent and removing irrelevant traffic packets that have no value.
In the field, ProtectWise has displaced network forensics vendors and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) vendors, which don’t provide retrospective analysis. Data is stored in the cloud and can be analyzed retrospectively to measure the full impact of newly discovered attacks, going back weeks, months or even years. The ProtectWise Grid features a futuristic interface that provides an omniscient view into network security. With visualization capabilities that turn data into actionable insights, security teams can quickly and efficiently view the highest priority alerts and drill down into rich, high-fidelity data for incident response and forensics.

How we are different

• ProtectWise has the unique ability to create an unlimited retention window with full-fidelity forensics, automated retrospection and advanced visualization—all with the ease and cost-savings of an on-demand deployment model.
• The ProtectWise Grid provides a pervasive view of the network, layered with refined analytics and a clear interface that enables high-performance threat hunting and accelerated incident response, and retrospective analysis on threats that are discovered by the industry long after they have penetrated multiple enterprise networks.
• The ProtectWise Grid contains an analytics engine that pulls in more and better data, then enables selective analysis that illuminates the true nature and seriousness of threats.