Third-Party Risk Management Services at MindPoint Group

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CompanyMindPoint Group
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionService


Third-Party Risk Management (TRPM) is an ongoing process for organizations that want to manage the risk that occurs with using vendors and outsourcing services and products. A TPRM strategy helps shine a light into areas of potential business risk.

Every company uses third-party vendors. Organizations can have hundreds, possibly thousands of vendors that they rely on each day to successfully complete day-to-day business operations. With each outsourced vendor, your organization is increasingly at risk for a data breach. A good TPRM program allows you to take a more careful and strategized approach to your third-party vendors will allow you to run a successful business while keep your company’s data safe.

How we are different

Strategy and program management: A TPRM strategy helps shine a light into areas of potential business risk. Our thorough process ensures no stone lays unturned. If there’s a risk to your business as a result of a third-party vendor, or in a way they are treating your data, we’ll find it.

Assessments: All assessment needs are identical, so MPG offers four different assessment types tailored to your unique TPRM requirements.

Our people: At Midpoint Group, we place a great emphasis on the continual growth of our employees so they're up-to-date on the latest cybersecurity knowledge. Our customers are able to use this great wealth of knowledge to improve their strategy and overall security posture.