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Founded in 2012 by a group of passionate developers who recognized a growing need for reliable cloud security, Threat Stack has disrupted the cloud security market by inverting the traditional security model, approaching security from the inside-out rather than the outside-in. Its focus on continuous, real-time security monitoring from inside the workload itself – which it defines as the new endpoint – and its approach to leverage behavioral analytics as opposed to signature-based security sets it apart from others in the cloud security space.

The passion to create a disruptive technology company was evident early on, when Threat Stack launched out of beta at AWS re:Invent in 2014, and was one of only a few start-ups invited onstage by Amazon CTO Dr. Werner Vogels. This breakthrough moment paved the way for the company’s remarkable momentum. In September 2015, Threat Stack announced it had expanded its customer base by 300 percent over the past twelve months to include companies such as JobCase, SimpleFinance, DNAnexus and StatusPage. It’s on track to triple its employees and grow deployment of its monitoring service to 10,000 AWS EC2 within the next year.

In February 2016 Threat Stack released its Cloud Security Platform™ (CSP), the industry’s first fully integrated cloud security suite with more robust capabilities than a single-security product, offering its users a single-pane of glass to all things security while also providing correlated context. This breakthrough cloud-native architecture stands above other cloud-washed products by offering capabilities like workload monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, vulnerability management, threat intelligence and compliance reporting all in one platform.

How we are different

-Threat Stack’s focus has been to continually evolve its continuous security monitoring product in order to address the needs of its customers – companies of all sizes operating both in the cloud (public, private or hybrid) or on-premise.
-With the recent release of its cloud-native, platform-agnostic Cloud Security Platform, Threat Stack now even more successfully addresses the needs of growth-driven businesses that are looking to move into or expand within the cloud.
-Threat Stack has demonstrated impressive growth, expanding its customer base by 300 percent in 2015 and being on track to triple its employees and grow deployment of its monitoring service to 10,000 AWS EC2 within the next year.