ThreatDefence SecOps Platform

Additional Info

Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionAsia
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Our SecOps Platform is designed to assist businesses of all sizes in implementing world-class detection and response, utilizing all available data sources, whether it be within their network, on the Dark Web, or concealed deep within their supply chain.

The platform provides a fully managed plug & play experience, transforming machine data into actionable insights and executive-friendly reports. You do not need to maintain multiple security tools and run complex investigations with endless cross-system integrations, as ThreatDefence establishes context for all security events in your organization, automatically correlating data from multiple sources and investigating anomalies.

With our SecOps infrastructure, you will have an integrated, comprehensive suite of threat detection and incident technology, creating a single cyber security context across all your systems and networks.

Our evidence-based approach to cyber security provides you with deep, forensic-like visibility in your environment. Our cloud SecOps platform can be deployed in minutes, transforming your data into evidence, and detecting active and dormant threats in your environment.

At the same time, it integrates with your existing security stack from day one. You can select your current security products from the list of hundreds of pre-built integrations and use our lightweight sensors across your on-prem and cloud environments.

ThreatDefence provides security teams with ready to use, end-to-end SecOps solution, including a full stack platform able to capture and correlate all types of security data, supported by Next-Generation SIEM, NDR, endpoint visibility, integrated threat intelligence, automation, SOC workflows and 24×7 team of cyber security experts.

Key Capabilities / Features

Complete SecOps Suite (SIEM, XDR, NDR, threat intelligence, automation)
SaaS Delivery Model
Ongoing Platform Management
Detection Use Cases – daily updates
Machine Learning and User Behaviour Analytics
Curated Threat Intelligence
SIEM and 24x7 SOC services
SOC Workflows for Alerting and Escalations
Real-Time Dashboards
Customisable Reports
24x7 Incident Response
Threat Hunting Artefacts
Playbooks and Automation
Digital Forensics Toolset
Network Detection and Response
Dark Web Monitoring
Vulnerability Management
Cloud Monitoring and Assurance
Inventory and Security Configuration Benchmarking
Attack Surface Management
Log Management and Data Retention
Compliance Reporting
Customer Portal with real-time and historical data
Hacker Deception.

How we are different

- Enterprise-grade SecOps under a single license, including SIEM, NDR, XDR, Dark Web monitoring, and more.
- Cloud-based platform that can be deployed in minutes, comes with numerous integrations to support your existing tech stack, supplied with threat intel, hundreds of detection use cases and playbooks.
- Fully integrated SecOps AI, providing investigation assistance and automation.