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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


ThreatModeler is the definitive leader in the threat modeling space and the pioneer in threat modeling for the cloud, with automation capabilities delivering instant threat model building functionality. Working in partnership with 100+ Fortune 1000 companies spanning multiple verticals, ThreatModeler secures highly sensitive, regulated, complex, specialized, and global environments. ThreatModeler saves organizations vast amounts of time and enables collaboration so people can work on DevOps with security built in.

The ThreatModeler team has long implemented an ongoing educational process with a strong focus on encouraging research and development. Because of this, ThreatModeler continues to grow and evolve its offerings. On average, ThreatModeler has filed one patent a year for the past five years. Having been an active player in the cyber community for over 10 years, recent technologies include tools to help navigate cloud migrations securely and to integrate Infrastructure-as-Code in real-time. ThreatModeler’s commitment to patented innovation and ongoing research and development is crucial in growing and supporting its customer base, empowering customers to keep pace with the always-evolving threat landscape.
In addition to constantly rolling out and delivering new technologies and improvements over existing ThreatModeler products, ThreatModeler updates the Intelligent Threat Engine, a central repository of the most up-to-date threat information pulled from industry-standard resources such as MITRE, CAPEC, WASC-TC, OWASP, and NVD. ThreatModeler’s threat research team maintains the ITE, reducing manual upkeep and ensuring that code is kept clean from the latest threats and known bugs targeting business applications.

How we are different

-ThreatModeler continues to stand out against competitors with the addition of its newest platform update, ThreatModeler 6.0, which brings several new capabilities to bolster and streamline the threat modeling process for security and DevOps teams. This update will reduce the number of clicks and add more powerful features to accomplish a variety of tasks on a single platform. With ThreatModeler 6.0’s intuitive user interface, customers have more information, tools, and collaboration options in order to streamline the development of threat models. With the combination of the technical capabilities of IaC-Assist and collaborative enhancements of Version 6.0, ThreatModeler further embodies secure-by-design principles to provide actionable insights through continuous monitoring so DevOps teams can detect security flaws before they become vulnerabilities. By enabling developers to understand the full scope of their code, ThreatModeler simultaneously minimizes risk and ensures sufficient compliance and governance protocols post-deployment.
-The Intelligent Threat Engine (ITE) - utilizes functional information from the application, or system’s architectural components, to automatically identify all the relevant and applicable threats to each component. As the ITE identifies relevant threats, it gathers the associated security requirements, test cases, threat agents, code review guidelines, and code snippets to provide all the information needed for prioritizing threat mitigation efforts and reducing risk.
-ThreatModeler’s Automated Threat Intelligence Framework saves businesses valuable time with automatic threat data in real-time. A threat intelligence framework is a central repository for managing, detecting, and alerting users of potential threats. But, maintaining a do-it-yourself threat intelligence framework requires continuous cycles of manual reviews of security processes, along with edits to threat data feeds. This makes it inefficient, and not scalable. In solving this industry-wide pain point, ThreatModeler’s Automated Threat Intelligence Framework provides an effective solution to manual processes by automatically updating threat data in real-time for effective decision making.