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In a recent SANS study, Security leaders were asked what improvements in IR is your organization planning to make over the next 12 months. Among the top responses; better definition of processes and better security analytics & correlation across security tools. Most security leaders recognize they cannot solve the challenges of tomorrow’s security operations with additional manpower. They must find solutions that empower the analyst to drive efficiency and effectiveness. Siemplify’s ThreatNexus was built from the ground up as a force multiplier for the security team.

ThreatNexus security orchestration and incident response platform enables security teams to navigate the full spectrum of incident response from management to automation to investigation — all from a single pane of glass. Effectively doing so requires a security fabric that connects the disparate tools and data silos across the security footprint. ThreatNexus is that fabric. With ThreatNexus as the nucleus of security operations, analysts can focus on addressing the real threats, ask the tough questions, and initiate response at unprecedented speed.

The benefits of ThreatNexus are immediate; 80% reduction in alerts, tripling of analysts caseload capacity, dramatic reduction in the time from threat to remediation from days or weeks to minutes, and the confidence to know that critical alerts are not overlooked.

At its core, ThreatNexus is a powerful data contextualization engine that interconnects different security solutions and data sources. Proprietary data science algorithms normalize and analyze data across the enterprise – including security alerts from SIEM’s, Splunk log data, threat intelligence feeds, business information and more. Noise reduction algorithms automatically triage incoming events and alerts. The information is enriched with internal resource data such as active directory, identity management systems and other sources.

How we are different

- ThreatNexus is the most complete Security Orchestration & Incident Response tool on the market delivering real world benefits to security teams -- reducing alerts by 80%, tripling caseload capacity, and reducing the time from threat to remediation from days to minutes.
- ThreatNexus connects the disparate security tools and data silos throughout the organization leveraging proprietary cyber ontology and graph architecture to become the connective tissue that streamlines security processes and powers effective security response.
- ThreatNexus is battle tested. In use with leading enterprise security teams and MSSP’s around the globe, Siemplify has become the foundation that drives their security operations, fundamentally changing the way analysts work.