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Today’s threat intelligence analysts and operators are inundated by data, and spend valuable time manually importing information. ThreatQuotient’s threat intelligence platform, ThreatQ, addresses this puzzle by enabling enterprise threat intelligence teams to return their focus to analysis, improving security operations by reducing the amount of effort traditionally exerted into combining data sources.

This is crucial because companies invest significant time and resources into their current security technologies and ThreatQ lets them take full advantage of these investments by integrating with over 25 vendors to ensure customers keep their detection solutions up to date.

ThreatQ v2 has transformed the threat intelligence platform into a powerful foundation for cyber threat operations and management. With ThreatQ v2 customers can improve situational understanding, accelerate detection and response, and increase threat operations efficiency through greater team collaboration. ThreatQ empowers the human element of cybersecurity through new and enhanced innovations, including an integrated threat library, an adaptive workbench and open exchange

The threat library delivers a central repository of external threat data, that is enriched and augmented with internal threat and event data to provide relevant and contextual intelligence that is customized for and tuned to a company’s unique environment.

Meanwhile, the adaptive workbench enables analysts to automate the intelligence lifecycle through customizable workflow, user-defined configuration and customer specific enrichments.

Finally, ThreatQ’s open exchange extends the value of existing security investments with standard interfaces and an SDK/API for customization, integrating tools, teams and workflows to get the right intelligence to the right tools at the right time.

ThreatQ v2 is redefining what a threat intelligence platform must be to be able to put the power back in the hands of the analysts. By striking the right balance of system automation and human intelligence, ThreatQ has brought a new caliber of excellence to the marketplace.

How we are different

ThreatQ increases an enterprise’s security effectiveness through control over their threat intelligence, and improves ROI on existing security investments.

With ThreatQ, enterprises can adapt faster to changing computing models by achieving an agile security posture and faster incident detection and response.

ThreatQ reduces noise for greater confidence in decision making, and empowers an efficient and collaborative workforce during a time of limited human resources.