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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America

In 3 bullets, summarize why this company is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

*ThreatQuotient believes that threat data and intelligence is the most valuable tool to identify, prevent and respond to threats. By reimagining cybersecurity to start with the threat – aggregating all external and internal threat data in a central repository and scoring and prioritizing data for relevance – organizations can gain a deeper understanding of the threats they face. ThreatQuotient’s approach transforms the role of threat intelligence from a feature in each product, to a single source of truth that can be used to integrate defenses and teams for a coordinated response, reducing risk now and in the future.

*Through deep integrations and a vast technical alliance ecosystem, the ThreatQ platform breaks through barriers of today's multi-vendor environments. Threat intelligence becomes the glue to integrate layers of point products and reduce the challenges of a defense-in-depth strategy. The ThreatQ platform enables a shared understanding and collaboration across teams and tools within an organization’s defense infrastructure. It supports both reactive use cases (ie, responding to events) as well as proactive use cases (ie, anticipating threats and orchestrating and synchronizing threat intelligence across systems).

*ThreatQuotient is not only committed to being the most advanced threat intelligence platform, but also to advancing the state of security operations and management through comprehensive support and professional services and partnerships with MSSPs. ThreatQ ensures that threat data has the context, relevance and prioritization needed for enterprises to effectively use it in an automated manner, and to drive better decision making, accelerated detection and response, and an ability to anticipate threats. This improves ROI on existing security investments and empowers an efficient and collaborative workforce, even when skilled, internal resources are limited.

Brief Overview

Since ThreatQuotient emerged in the marketplace in 2013, founders Ryan Trost and Wayne Chiang have continuously armed the industry with an impactful and unique approach to addressing a demand for greater threat visibility and customer defined controls over threat intelligence. They have also assembled an all-star team of well-known and innovative executives who have previously built successful companies and software, including John Czupak, Jonathan Couch, Leon Ward, Tom Ashoff, Matt McCormick, Gigi Schumm and Marc Solomon from companies like Sourcefire, Cisco, iSight, Symantec, etc.

In addition to their deep experience developing products that are fighting critical threats, ThreatQuotient’s leadership is also cultivating a strong company culture, and their executives are committed to building a team that is 100 percent invested in the company. The young company has more than tripled in size since working out of a shared work space in the AOL incubator labs in 2015, and is now at 66 employees with more growth planned for 2018. In 2016, they launched a Channel Program and began selling ThreatQ internationally.

In 2017 alone, ThreatQuotient has:
– Launched a re-architected version of the ThreatQ platform to add key –
features needed for a true operational platform
– Doubled the number of new partners in their technical alliance ecosystem, bringing their portfolio to over 200 intelligence feeds and product integrations
– Increased sales traction as demonstrated by a more than five times increase in total bookings for 2017 and a record four sequential quarters of bookings growth
– Completed a Series C round of $30 million, bringing the company’s total to $54 million in financing to date

This momentum is a reflection of ThreatQuotient’s success in addressing unique enterprise security challenges through the continued development of the ThreatQ threat intelligence platform.