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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Since ThreatQuotient emerged in the marketplace in 2013, founders Ryan Trost and Wayne Chiang have continuously armed the industry with an impactful and unique approach to stronger security operations. They have also assembled an all-star team of well-known and innovative executives who have previously built successful companies and software, including John Czupak, Jonathan Couch, Leon Ward, Tom Ashoff, Matt McCormick, Gigi Schumm and Marc Solomon from companies like Sourcefire, Cisco, iSight, Symantec, etc.

In 2018, ThreatQuotient was named a Washington Business Journal Best Place to Work; expanded its product portfolio by introducing ThreatQ Investigations, the industry’s first cyber security situation room; continued to grow its international operations to include sales and support teams in the UK, France, Germany and Asia/Pacific; increased headcount by 50 percent; and projects that revenues will more than double from 2017. ThreatQuotient’s position as a major player in the threat intelligence platform and security operations market is reinforced by a rapidly increasing ecosystem of partnerships. For example, companies like Visa – a new integration with their payments intelligence was announced in November 2018.

Not only is ThreatQuotient’s team developing a meaningful and award winning tool for cyber protection, but the success of their product and leadership team has led them to also become a valued voice for continued growth and innovation in the greater DC area. The former Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, invited ThreatQuotient to participate in many round table discussions on how the state can continue to be a hotbed for cybersecurity. This includes developing initiatives with local students and universities to bring more technology experience into the hands of future defenders.

How we are different

1) Customer-defined Prioritization – ThreatQ ingests, normalizes, de-dupes and correlates threat data and events from external and internal sources into a single Threat Library. What we do differently is that we provide customer controls so a company can customize scoring and prioritization. When new data or context enters the system, from any source or feedback captured from current tools and teams, ThreatQ will automatically re-prioritize millions of indicators, adversaries, etc. This continuous threat assessment ensures that highest priority threats are identified, understood, acted upon and learned from to support proactive use cases, such as threat anticipation or hunting, and reactive use cases, such as triage and incident response.

2) Deep integrations and ecosystem – ThreatQ is an open and extensible platform built on APIs to integrate with any system or tool. This architecture allows for deep integrations and bi-directional data sharing, enabling the orchestration, automation and synchronization of cyber threat intelligence across systems and teams.

3) Go to Market – ThreatQuotient’s pricing and go to market models simplify the consumption of a TIP. Pricing is straight-forward without additional charges per integration or higher indicator counts. To address companies with less mature security operations we partner with MSSPs, jointly defining a threat intelligence service offering. We also provide comprehensive support and professional services.