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Company size (employees)35


ThreatQuotient is a threat intelligence platform provider dedicated to putting a fresh face on threat intelligence. Founded in 2013 by two former security operations analysts to provide organizations the ability to correlate with confidence, ThreatQuotient developed and launched ThreatQ in 2015, a threat intelligence platform that centrally manages and correlates unlimited external sources with all internal security and analytics solutions for contextual, operationalized intelligence in a single, easy to comprehend view.

At the end of 2015, ThreatQuotient announced a Series A funding round of $10.2 million, which was preceded by an initial seed round of $1.5 million. ThreatQ has already garnered a strong portfolio of Fortune 100/500, major retail, healthcare, technology and defense customers, and the company is on track for global expansion. In addition, they have started to increase the size of their team with a massive hiring initiative that will triple the size of the company from where it is today by the end of 2016.

Between the significant support and validation from the investment community, the proven success of the co-founders and seasoned management team, and the “Who’s Who” of Fortune 100/500 customer portfolio, ThreatQuotient is transforming the way organizations utilize threat intelligence and is emerging as a clear leader in the threat intelligence platform market.

How we are different

•ThreatQuotient has successfully emerged into multiple industry sectors in its short time in the cybersecurity market
•ThreatQuotient's threat intelligence platform is the only TIP that centrally manages and correlates external sources with internal security and analytics solutions for contextual intelligence in a single view, making its value to analysts unparalleled.
•Less than a year after launching their product, ThreatQuotient has already started the process of global expansion and has received $10.2 million in Series A funding.