ThreatX API Protection Platform

Additional Info

Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


ThreatX’s API protection platform makes the world safer by protecting APIs from all threats, including DDoS attempts, bot attacks, API abuse, exploitations of known vulnerabilities, and zero-day attacks. Its multi-layered detection capabilities accurately identify malicious actors and dynamically initiate appropriate action. ThreatX effectively and efficiently protects APIs for companies in every industry across the globe.

The ThreatX managed API and web app protection platform protects web applications and APIs from cyberthreats across cloud, on-prem and hybrid environments by delivering precise protection and complete threat visibility. A unique combination of behavior profiling, collective threat intelligence, and deep analytics delivers confident coverage. The company’s managed service provides on-demand access to AppSec experts 24/7 which reduces added costs associated with legacy WAFs. This includes a complete solution for all types of threats such as OWASP Top 10, bots, targeted attacks, and DDoS. Also, native cloud deployment implementations allow users the option to block within hours, not days.

The company’s cloud native web application firewall service provides multiple detection techniques with advanced response actions. ThreatX’s next-gen and cloud native WAF brings together a variety of protections to address a wide variety of threats and risks including traditional exploits, bots, API-specific risks, and DDoS attacks. Additionally, their API Protection is designed to protect all edge and stray APIs from threat actors. ThreatX brings an API-native approach to security that addresses the unique risks, challenges, and threats facing APIs today.

Lastly, the company’s bot management detects and stops bot-based attacks – including massive, distributed botnets – through a combination of detection techniques and application intensity analysis. ThreatX can reveal a wide range of automated attacks such as account takeover, credential stuffing, reputation attacks, and more. Just as importantly, it can address these threats without introducing additional user friction with CAPTCHAs and other mechanisms. 

How we are different

ThreatX sets itself apart from other API protection companies by offering organizations the ability to block complex attacks in real-time, including complex botnets, DDoS, and multi-vector attacks. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, ThreatX can identify suspicious activity, and immediately respond based on risk. Instead of relying on post-attack analysis like other solutions on the market, ThreatX’s proactive abilities enable a more comprehensive security program. Our real-time discovery capabilities shine a spotlight on API endpoints that may go unnoticed by security and development teams. Overall, these capabilities give customers a holistic view of their API attack surface, along with an understanding of how their APIs are being managed appropriately.

Without a schema, it is difficult for security teams to understand if an API call is legitimate or malicious. To combat this, ThreatX’s API schema compliance capabilities allow customers to centrally manage OpenAPI 3.0 schemas for the API endpoints ThreatX discovers and protects. This enables organizations to compare API traffic to determine which compliance gaps exist so they can work to mitigate them. It’s API Dashboard details API endpoint usage and tracks expected behavior, as defined in the schema. Users can build custom schemas for APIs that are outdated or even those that have no schemas available. This makes the process easier for organizations to identify key indicators of an attack and potential vulnerabilities. With a comprehensive set of data available, customers can quickly take responsive actions.

Additionally, the company’s managed services combine threat hunting with access to experts 24×7, significantly reducing the direct operational costs and maintenance for enterprises. With it’s advanced API protection platform, managed services, and threat research, ThreatX effectively and efficiently protects APIs for companies globally.