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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Thycotic provides premier privileged account management (PAM) solutions to more than 10,000 organizations around the world. Their resources empower organizations to securely monitor, manage and defend their critical identity accounts. Built for on-premise and cloud deployment, Thycotic solutions give organizations the power to delegate access to privileged accounts intelligently with role-based access controls, military-grade encryption, two-factor authentication support, and centralized administration.

Thycotic is the PAM industry’s cloud security leader, protecting organizations in the cloud and from the cloud. Many companies are moving their infrastructure to cloud providers, such as AWS, and need a way to discover, control and manage privileged accounts on VMs and cloud services. Organizations are able to leverage Thycotic to protect those infrastructures. Thycotic offers an unmatched multi-layered solution that provides protection for all privileged accounts and credentials — and has been recognized for leadership in the cloud space by industry analysts and awards programs.

Thycotic also differentiates with ease of deployment, integration, and use. Numerous security products on the market are a pain for end-users to implement and actually use. This often causes users to bypass security products in favor of more convenient processes, but Thycotic works tirelessly to provide solutions that integrate easily and can be seamlessly added to day-to-day activities — without slowing productivity.

Thycotic offers a range of solutions and modifications to meet the needs (and budget) of each customer. This enables even smaller and newer organizations to properly manage their identities. SMBs often suffer most from cyberattacks because they don’t have the same defenses in place as enterprises and don’t have the resources to recover quickly. Everyone deserves enterprise-level privilege protection; companies should never feel as though they have to sacrifice security or productivity for affordability.

How we are different

Thycotic is different from competitors and their products in:
-Customer Service: Every company will say it has great customer service, but Thycotic has the metrics and accolades to back that up. Thycotic has earned excellent customer service numbers (more than 90 percent satisfaction rating) and consistently maintains its stellar reputation of customer service long after the sale has been made (93 percent retention rate). As a result, Thycotic has won the NorthFace ScoreBoard Award and SAP Litmos Lenny Award, as well as recognition from Gartner.
-Staying ahead of the threat: Thycotic prides itself on innovation and consistently providing PAM resources that keep customers ahead of cyberattackers. Thycotic consistently updates and refines its solutions, in addition to developing new features (Cloud deployment, DevOps functionality, and more) to pace the PAM market.
-Ease of Use: Thycotic provides solutions that are easy to implement -- all of which can be deployed in under 15 minutes -- and easy to manage, distinguishing itself from other products that are high maintenance and require complex and lengthy installment.