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CompanyIntensity Analytics Corporation
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Passwords are the weakest link in the security chain. Beyond the password, today’s multi factor authentication solutions generally fall into one of two camps, token-based (RSA SecurID token, SMS one-time tokens) or physical biometrics (fingerprint, iris scan, voice recognition). Intensity Analytics is a leader in a new area of authentication called behavioral analytics, which uses personal traits to uniquely identify individuals. Specifically, we authenticate people by the way they type without using tokens or special hardware. We already know the person has the password, the question is: did the right person type the password? A parallel problem is authenticating the true author of a longer-text document (e.g., an e-mail or a student’s exam). Who actually wrote it? Behavioral analytics can answer that question as well.

Since the days of the telegraph operator, many efforts have been undertaken to recognize people by how they send Morse Code – or these days, type. Only the advent of computers made it possible both to collect the appropriate measurements and to properly evaluate the input in real time. We have developed patent pending, mathematical solutions to digitally represent the involuntary muscle movement patterns of users as they type. Our approach involves constructing multi-dimensional geometrical shapes from the measurements, which function as behavioral avatars to identify keyboarding patterns just as photographs identify people. Because our approach is behavioral and not physical, it is not Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

TickStream.KeyID provides multi factor authentication without the need for people to know, have, or do anything beyond normal entry of their password. It authenticates the true identity of a person, not a set of credentials, with a virtually frictionless end user experience. TickStream is a low-cost SaaS solution that reduces enterprise cyber attacks by up to 90% by closing the vulnerability of credentials theft.

How we are different

1) TickStream.KeyID is a breakthrough technology delivering true multi factor authentication of a certain person. It is authentication of a unique individual, not just the credentials that are hoped to represent that individual.

2) TickStream.KeyID involves patent pending geospacial algorithms that have unlocked heretofore unknown uniquely personal behavioral differentiation to enable the identification of a person to a statistical certainty.

3) TickStream.KeyID provides a low cost solution, is easy to use (in fact it is virtually frictionless), and has been independently validated by two of the nation’s foremost biometric statisticians to be highly effective at addressing the substantial vulnerability created by the theft of login credentials which are a leading vulnerability responsible for the majority of enterprise network attacks.