Additional Info

CompanyTimus Networks, Inc.
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


The business world is trying to adapt to the new way of working. Just like big companies, SMBs and SMEs need a modern network to connect employees, devices and applications anywhere securely. But this segment of the market is underserved most of the times.

Timus is an all-in-one no-hardware network security product that is delivered from the cloud and powered by artificial intelligence. It provides a secure network that is designed for remote work and cloud adoption of SMBs and SMEs.

Timus is a perfect solution to connect remote workers securely to corporate network. There is no hardware to install, no extra internet connection to subscribe. Users just install Timus Connect mobile/desktop app onto their devices and login to the network with their credentials.

Timus can be used as the single network security product, but also can co-exist with an on-premises firewall of the customer. A site-to-site connection between Timus and existing firewall allows users to access their on-premises network easily.

Timus has the following main features. Coherent and rich set of security components and use of artificial intelligence separate Timus from its competitors.
* Zero trust network access with behavior analysis
* SASE architecture
* User-centric dynamic firewall
* AI-driven secure web gateway
* Intrusion prevention system
* Central management
* Intelligent insights and automated reports
* Partner portal for on-demand service activation and provisioning

Timus Networks is a 100% channel company.

We have 15,000 customers and 1,800 channel partners worldwide. Our R&D team has more than 200 man-years of experience in network security.

How we are different

1) Cloud-delivered, coherent and rich set of security components like a user-centric firewall, secure web gateway, anti-malware, intrusion prevention system., and zero trust network access. This forms an "all-in-one" product that is more secure, affordable and easy to manage, especially for SMBs.
2) Use of artificial intelligence for various classifications and behavior analysis
3) Channel focus with on-demand service activation and provisioning by channel partners