Timus Networks

Additional Info

CompanyTimus Networks, Inc.
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


The business world is trying to adapt to the new way of working. Just like big companies, SMBs and SMEs need a modern network to connect employees, devices and applications anywhere securely. But this segment of the market is underserved most of the times.

Timus is an all-in-one no-hardware network security product that is delivered from the cloud and powered by artificial intelligence. It provides a secure network that is designed for remote work and cloud adoption of SMBs and SMEs.

Timus is a perfect solution to connect remote workers securely to corporate network. There is no hardware to install, no extra internet connection to subscribe. Users just install Timus Connect mobile/desktop app onto their devices and login to the network with their credentials.

Timus can be used as the single network security product, but also can co-exist with an on-premises firewall of the customer. A site-to-site connection between Timus and existing firewall allows users to access their on-premises network easily.

Timus has the following main features. Coherent and rich set of security components and use of artificial intelligence separate Timus from its competitors.
* Zero trust network access with behavior analysis
* SASE architecture
* User-centric dynamic firewall
* AI-driven secure web gateway
* Intrusion prevention system
* Central management
* Intelligent insights and automated reports
* Partner portal for on-demand service activation and provisioning

Timus Networks is a 100% channel company.

We have 15,000 customers and 1,800 channel partners worldwide. Our R&D team has more than 200 man-years of experience in network security.

How we are different

1) Cloud-delivered, coherent and rich set of security components like a user-centric firewall, secure web gateway, anti-malware, intrusion prevention system., and zero trust network access. This forms an "all-in-one" product that is more secure, affordable and easy to manage, especially for SMBs.
2) Use of artificial intelligence for various classifications and behavior analysis. Our AI team is working with universities to use the latest methods in AI.
3) Channel focus with on-demand service activation and provisioning by channel partners.