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Company size (employees)40


Titania was started by penetration tester Ian Whiting in 2009, based on his passion for security and belief that software should be simple and facilitate more efficient work.

Our award-winning security and compliance auditing tools enable organisations to produce detailed, automated reports on their networks and maintain an expert level of security at all times, at a fraction of the cost of manual testing.

In 2014, Titania was the British Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year, adding to an extensive portfolio of cyber security and small business awards. We were also Computing Security Magazine’s Security Company of the Year in 2015.

Our software is used by governments, businesses and organisations in over 73 countries across all sectors. Founder Ian Whiting has led the way for better trade relationships between the UK and USA and contributed extensively to the cybersecurity community. In recognition of this, Titania was invited to take part in the delegation of business leaders joining Prime Minister David Cameron on his Washington DC Cyber Mission in 2015. Ian was also quoted in the UK Government Cyber Security Strategy in 2014, and Titania was the first company to be approved on the UK cyber security supplier register to HM Government in 2013.

Titania understands that our customers need to work with secure suppliers they can trust. We constantly monitor our customer service through our ISO 9001 and ANAB accreditation, and have gained the UK Government-backed Cyber Essentials Accreditation and a Certificate of Net Worthiness from the United States Military, on top of our own advanced security measures.

Since the start, Titania has kept the same belief that security should be simple, accessible and ready to use, and we have built a success story in 3 dimensions that even experienced businesses struggle with: cybersecurity, small business and export.

How we are different

• We have developed industry-leading security solutions recognised globally (Nipper Studio and Paws Studio) – used in over 73 countries.

Current customers include the US DoD Department of Energy, Treasury and FBI, as well as the UK Government and French and German Military. Corporate customers include Cisco, PayPal and Nationwide. The level of detail and amount of vulnerabilities that are included in our reports is often praised by our customers. For example, a large international bank told us that they uncovered critical issues on 10% of their network devices, by using Nipper Studio, that hadn’t previously been uncovered by other tools. Nipper Studio has won many awards, including Vulnerability Management Product 2015 and Network Security Solution 2015.

• We are passionate and committed to helping organisations of all sizes and sectors stay secure and contributing to the global cybersecurity community.

We launched a free Risk Assessment Tool to help SMEs identify security vulnerabilities and have recently updated this to include the UK Government Cyber Essentials Scheme. We are working hard within the industry and local community to help even the smallest businesses become even more secure using the scheme and are passionately committed to the security agenda and making the UK the safest place in the world to do business online.

• We have an extensive CSR programme in place and have been recognised locally and nationally as a successful small business committed to our team and local community.

In 2014 we won an award for Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace from the Hereford and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce, and we have been accredited by local scheme ‘Worcestershire Works Well’. We know that the key to success is a motivated, inspired team. That is why we provide extensive benefit packages including mindfulness, team-building and health schemes.