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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Titaniam is a cutting-edge data security platform that utilizes high-performance, encryption-in-use plus nine private data formats to keep sensitive data secure and private. Titaniam eliminates at least 4 other traditional solutions. Customers boast NIST-certified security, simplified compliance, efficient privacy enforcement, and most importantly, immunity to all data-focused cyber attacks including ransomware. Within its product’s initial launch year, Titaniam is used by publicly traded companies, featured in four cybersecurity categories by leading analysts such as Gartner and IDC, and has received over nine industry awards and certifications. Titaniam offers the above core capabilities in the form of five interoperable products, each of which supports a category of architecture and an associated set of data platforms. These products can be mixed and matched as needed.

The Titaniam Vault is a stand-alone encrypted analytic data vault that can be dropped in alongside primary application databases, to support enterprises that prefer a sensitive data isolation strategy.
For richly extensible data platforms such as Elasticsearch, OpenSearch. Lucene, etc, Titaniam offers all its capabilities in the form of a completely transparent plugin.
For data platforms that are not extensible, and for object stores such as AWS S3, Azure Blob, and GCS, Titaniam offers all its capabilities in the form of a proxy.
For all other platforms, Titaniam offers a platform-independent API service. This service can be stood up independent of any other Titaniam product and offers the rich data security capabilities described above via standard REST API calls.
Titaniam Studio: The Titaniam Studio allows customers to configure and manage all their other Titaniam products and services and to manage keys, BYOK/HYOK, schemas and reports.
Titaniam is one of the most innovative data security startups in recent years, with an extremely powerful platform that closes major gaps in cybersecurity today

How we are different

Titaniam created the industry’s first and only high-performance encryption-in-use technology that can perform search and search analytics on encrypted data without any decryption, with only 3% compute overhead and 0% overhead on search. The technology works on commodity infrastructure and attaches to existing architectures, making it the only solution in the market that can keep data encrypted even if attackers access data with administrative privileges. This is a major step in the fight against ransomware and extortion. In addition, by enabling rich use of sensitive data without decryption, Titaniam improves sensitive data protection coverage from an average of 5% in the enterprise to over 95%.

Titaniam has created the industry’s first engine that combines all nine privacy-preserving data protection techniques into a single engine. This means that along with getting cutting-edge encryption-in-use, organizations no longer need to make separate investments in vaulted and vaultless tokenization, traditional and format-preserving encryption, whole or partial, static or dynamic data masking, whole or partial redaction, crypto hashes, or any other data anonymization, de-identification, or special data sharing solutions. By making all these techniques available in one place and administered at a granular level using a single set of policies, Titaniam reduces the cost of securing this data to approximately one-fourth of what customers would have to spend on traditional solutions.

Titaniam offers hold your own key (HYOK) at scale, enabling enterprises that own data to share its security with any number of partners or users while allowing each individual data owner to own and control their encryption keys. Data owners can turn off keys at any time and control who has access to their data, what they can do with it, and for how long. This critical functionality makes SaaS and cloud usage dramatically more secure and private than it was prior to Titaniam.