Titus Accelerator for Privacy

Additional Info

Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware


Titus Accelerator for Privacy is the only privacy software solution that flags personal data both as it is created and at rest. Titus Accelerator for Privacy takes advantage of machine learning to deliver a faster, more direct path to data privacy and compliance with cybersecurity policies and data privacy regulations, including the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR).

The solution uses machine learning and natural processing to find data, including emails and files, with sensitive personal information. Titus Accelerator for Privacy works with other security products to automate functions including data loss protection and classification. This use of machine learning and natural language processing enables the solution to find and categorize emails and files with potentially sensitive personal information. Titus Accelerator for Privacy scans through content focusing on personally identifiable information (PII), using both words and the context surrounding those words, to reduce false positives and augment organizational privacy programs and ecosystems.

The solution can be configured to be fully automated as well as to help automate other security solutions and processes to help take full advantage of an enterprise’s existing infrastructure and policies.

Titus Accelerator for Privacy is adaptive to ensuring enterprises can achieve continuous GDPR compliance. Titus regularly and consistently updates algorithms to help the solution maintain its accuracy.

For end users, Titus Accelerator for Privacy requires no “degree of skill.” Having pre-built configurations also lessens the necessary skill level for administrators.

How we are different

1) Unlike other data protection solutions, Titus Accelerator for Privacy examines emails and files at the point of creation and at rest.
2) Titus Accelerator for Privacy includes pre-built configurations and templates, which let enterprises plug-and-play. This simplifies the process and eliminates the need to build out rules and policies typical with more traditional data classification and privacy tools.
3) By design, Titus Accelerator for Privacy alleviates end users’ pain while achieving a high level of data accuracy with zero interruption to the end user’s daily workflow.