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Company size (employees)30
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Organizations today are fighting an asymmetric battle. Cyber attackers have the advantages of being the initiator, knowing their goal and having cover of anonymity. Yet another advantage enjoyed by cyber attackers is they have time to keep trying without being noticed, repeatedly until they succeed. Defenders are spread thin and rely on early detection systems producing high numbers of false positives causing “noise,” prohibiting defenders from knowing if they are under attack.
There is one important card the defenders have – they can manipulate how the network is seen to the attackers, how data is seen in the network, set traps and lures, engage attackers, and fool them into attacking decoys rather than real organizational assets. This approach is called deception. TopSpin DECOYnet™ keeps attackers away from the real data and additionally facilitates the employment of detection mechanisms that identify an attack in progress with a high degree of certainty.
As a company, TopSpin’s mission is to help customers stay two steps ahead of sophisticated attackers. TopSpin does this by applying intelligent, adaptive deception that evolves automatically in accordance with changing network conditions (i.e. changes in operating systems, networks and users, applications, on and off prem services etc.). TopSpin also keenly focuses on simplifying the deployment of the deception layer because it knows that customers are always short of staff and have no time to spend on lengthy and cumbersome rollouts.
TopSpin’s DECOYnet™ is the only deception solution which has an integrated, full-fledged traffic analysis engine. DECOYnet constantly sniffs network traffic and so is able to paint an accurate map of all the network elements (assets, OS, applications, services etc.) minute by minute. This allows DECOYnet to adapt the deception layer –traps, mini-traps, decoys – on the fly, ensuring that the organizations security posture remains optimal, regardless of constant network changes.

How we are different

1. A new and deadly generation of remotely-controlled, custom-built targeted corporate network attacks is challenging core network security assumptions. Today, network security teams must assume that attackers have already breached perimeter defenses, and focus on finding and eliminating them. TopSpin empowers security professionals to go on the offensive against APTs and other sophisticated network threats.
2. TopSpin serves major multinational financial services, healthcare and other enterprise customers. TopSpin’s R&D team is based near Tel Aviv, Israel, at the heart of the country’s cyber-security hub and its North America operaitons are headquartered from Mahwah NJ.
3.TopSpin is led by an expert leadership team with broad and multidisciplinary cyber security experience and proven records of success. Complementing the management are experienced and professional technical teams that together constitute a creative, caring and motivated industry-leading force.