Traced – Privacy-First Mobile Threat Defence

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CompanyTraced Ltd
Company size (employees)1 to 9
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


With people increasingly relying on their mobile devices, we have ever-more business and personal information residing on them. Exploiting this, mobile-targeted cyber-espionage has increased 1,400% over the past 4 years (Source: Trend Micro). Businesses are struggling to juggle cybersecurity budgets, but while they concentrate on desktop and laptop computers, protection for mobile devices, which often have the same access to internal systems and private data, are often overlooked.

The average mobile user continues to be unaware of the dangers, and has no access to affordable, enterprise-grade protection for their phones. When they’re browsing the web, installing apps, connecting to public WiFi – all these things can harbour viruses or spyware; abusive ex-partners can install stalkerware without their knowledge to spy on everything they do; and hackers can intercept passwords and other private data – putting companies and individuals at risk.

So Traced set out to change this: to educate consumers and businesses about the dangers on their phones, and give people a really good mobile security product that they can afford.

We have now reached 200k downloads and have 25k active users. With £300k of pipeline revenue and +200% MoM revenue growth, 2021 was an exciting year!

Traced is succeeding because we took a new look at what people in businesses need from mobile security. We understand that mobile devices are a place where our personal and professional lives meld and become one. Our aim is to provide the best data security for corporations as well as personal protection against the threats that really concern individuals and IT teams, such as mobile phishing. We help organisations see immediately that they’re meeting their obligations around data security on mobile devices. And we do this while ensuring employee privacy.

How we are different

Privacy first ethos --- Our technology is forward-thinking and so is our ethos. Traced’s vision is to deliver advanced mobile threat protection in a more transparent and respectful way; one that meets the demands of businesses whilst protecting employee’s privacy. Many mobility management solutions are rejected because of the negative impact they on employees’ personal privacy. Traced ensures companies have visibility of compliance and mobile threats, without seeing the apps, activity or web browsing history of end users.

AI-powered mobile threat defence — Our AI engine means detections are pre-emptive - users don't have to wait for a threat to become known before they're protected against it.Traced layers AI-powered protection on top of signature-based detection to protect against both known and unknown malicious links and apps. We trained our AI engines on over a million apps and web links to provide the best possible protection against mobile threats like malware apps and mobile phishing.

Making mobile security accessible for all size of business --- It was vital that Traced could provide a mobile security product that could rival the big cybersecurity players in performance, but at a fraction of the cost. Traced can be deployed as a stand-alone solution for SMEs that don't have mobility management in place, or integrate with existing solutions to provide detection and remediation functionality for larger organisations. We have ensured feature parity and we actually protect more vulnerable points of mobile usage than our competitors, more cost-effectively.