Trellix Email Security

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Company size (employees)5,000 to 9,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


More than 91% of cybercrime begins with an email – and employees receive ~200 emails daily. Paired with the prominence of social engineering attacks – including the use of malicious URLs using HTTPS and shortened format, phishing attempts, new impersonation techniques, and cloud-based attacks focused on file-sharing services – the growing danger of making that one wrong click is very real.
Most advanced threats arrive by email in the form of URLs linked to credential-phishing sites, fraudulent wire transfer requests, and weaponized file attachments. Email’s highly targeted and customizable nature allows cybercriminals to successfully exploit it, making it the primary channel for cybercrime. In the past year, Trellix has observed a shift from malicious attachments or code to malicious URLs and malware-less scams like spear phishing emails wrapped in impersonation packages.
Trellix Email Security counters both breeds of threats. It not only blocks attachments weaponized with malware, but it also seeks and destroys fraudulent wire transfer requests, URL links to credential phishing sites, and other social engineering and impersonation techniques. Frontline insights help us keep Trellix Email Security in lockstep with attackers, stopping threats with first-hand knowledge of attacks/attackers before they become more serious incidents – blocking not only malware and suspicious URLs, but also phishing and impersonation techniques.
Trellix Email Security is a full Secure Email Gateway. Trellix Email Security offers customers a strong defense through our attachment detonation, malicious URL discovery, and impersonation detection. It’s differentiated from competitors because it provides advanced threat protection for outbound messages as well as inbound messages. It also provides custom YARA rules for both inbound and outbound messages. Trellix Email Security provides native API-based advanced threat scanning for both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Trellix Email Security’s high detection efficacy and low false positive rate minimizes organization’s operational costs

How we are different

• All corporations use email and need to safeguard sensitive company data.  Trellix Email Security blocks threats before they become incidents, surfacing critical threats with intelligence from our ecosystem. This reduces business risk, simultaneously saving operational costs and protecting brand and reputation. Over-taxed security teams aren’t wasting time investigating spurious alerts. Thinly stretched teams can’t chase false positives. Trellix Email Security identifies true positive alerts in just two minutes. Investing in Trellix Email Security far outweighs the business impact of an email-borne breach.

• Unrivaled threat intelligence underpins the Trellix email product offering. Trellix Email Security provides superior threat detection as it receives threat intelligence not only from email customers but other sensors such as network, endpoint, cloud, etc. Trellix has over 40K enterprise customers and Trellix Email Security benefits from threat intelligence gathered across our customers base using hundreds of millions of sensors. We collect extensive threat intelligence on the frontlines and draws on this evidence and context to drive forward detection capabilities within our products. Trellix sees more evil than anyone else as we integrate the frontline knowledge of our advanced research teams to ensure our products do what matters most – protect against the latest breaches – whether in the cloud or on-prem.

• Attackers are constantly adapting their tactics to get past email security defenses. Trellix Email Security continues to address these landscape changes to detect the malicious emails that get past other services.  Our high detection efficacy, combined with a low false positive rate, minimizes operational costs and aids early prevention of serious incidents, resulting in annual operating expense savings with inline and native API-based scanning deployment for MS365 and Google Workspace. New capabilities to help address customer business and technical needs are also rolled out as part of monthly releases, ensuring the product stays current as the threat landscape evolves.