Additional Info

Company size (employees)5,000 to 9,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Trellix XDR provides a simplified and insightful security operations experience for effective extended threat detection and response to rapidly stop attacks and keep organizations safe. CISOs and security operations teams rely on Trellix XDR for insightful visibility, simplified analysis, improved detection effectiveness, immediate automated responses, and attack mitigation. 

Insightful Visibility and Simplified Analysis
Eliminate blind spots across your security infrastructure using native and open APIs to integrate with your existing security controls seamlessly
-Gain real-time adversarial insights leveraging threat intelligence gleaned from 40,000 organizations around the world
-Enhance your existing security with integration with over 1000 data sources in the XDR ecosystem
-Simplifies access to centralized data with a comprehensive, persona-based user experience 

Improve Detection Effectiveness
-Detect and prioritize emerging high-impact threats leveraging real-time, ML and AI-driven security analytics that evolve at the speed of your adversaries, enabling living protection
-Gain actionable intelligence for guided threat hunting and preemptive prevention based on environmental indicators, adjusting for approaching threats and responding to existing attacks
-Learns and adapts at the speed of threat actors with immediate, meaningful insights, constantly updated, based on the changing threat landscape

Automate Immediate Responses and Attack Mitigation
-Streamline threat investigations with an intuitive, guided solution that’s built for security analysts by security analysts
-Enrich incident response with automated, guided and contextual answers in continuous near real-time, based on the integrated intelligence
-Accelerate threat response using a library of pre-built or customizable, automated, and orchestrated response playbooks designed by experienced security researchers
-Save time and enforce your security policy with broad response actions customized to your workflows

How we are different

Most Comprehensive Native & Open  XDR
-Proven track record over 4 years with over 1000 data sources 
-Strongest native control options 
-Broadest 3rd party options 
-The XDR with vast & deep security expertise

Superior Analyst Experience
-Guided workflows
-Pre-built & customizable automated responses (playbooks)
-Unified persona-based experience
-Empowers any analysts (L1-L3) for easier and fast attack mitigation

Built-in Actionable Threat intelligence
-Enrich & accelerate  investigations
-Prioritize the likely threat from 40,000 Trellix customers and Trellix Advanced Research Center
-Increase readiness and preempt threats