Unbound Key Control

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Unbound
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionSoftware

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-- Stretching the Boundaries of Traditional Key Protection

Unbound Key Control (UKC) ensures that your most sensitive keys never exist in the clear at any point in their lifecycle – not even when generated, while in use or while at rest. With Unbound’s Distributed Trust Platform, key material is never whole – not in memory, disk or network. By eliminating this single point of compromise, UKC can stretch the secure boundary far beyond the traditional physical casing.

-- No More Silos - One System to Manage Them All

Unbound’s combined virtual HSM and Key Management solution provides full key lifecycle management from generation, to usage, revocation, rotation, and backup. It supports all standard HSM crypto APIs and enables seamless integration with all KM systems. This pure software solution protects and manages all keys from all on-premises or cloud workloads and from any cloud service provider (CSP). Use Unbound Key Control to manage and sync all your keys across sites and workloads through one central management system.

-- Empower the needs of SecOps in Any Organization

Unbound Key Control empowers the SecOps team with a fully-outfitted infrastructure for highly efficient key management and protection. This all-in-one key management plus virtual HSM solution saves SecOps the time and effort of integrating multiple products, by combining every critical feature to the SecOp workflow, including: granular policy enforcement, monitoring and auditing, resource management, administration and configuration of role-based access control, backup and durability.

Brief Overview

Software-Defined Key Protection & Key Management

Unbound has decoupled trust from infrastructure. Based on cryptographic breakthroughs that draw strength from math (not matter), Unbound Key Control (UKC) is the first solution to offer a truly abstracted key management that meets the high levels of security once only attainable through hardware-based perimeter-centric models.

Built upon Unbound’s platform-agnostic vHSM technology, UKC can be deployed across your entire decentralized hybrid cloud and geo-distributed environments without disrupting existing application workflows. All key management and user management operations are fully automated using a REST API, giving you the ability to scale up or down, create partitions and users, register clients and revoke keys immediately across your entire global infrastructure.

Stretch the boundaries of your security infrastructure to centrally manage all crypto keys, secrets and certificates across your network (including BYOD, public cloud and virtual machines) from a single pane of glass.

Locking keys within physical boundaries was generally accepted as the safest method of key protection. It protects against the single point of failure created by traditional key-management methodologies, where keys often appeared in the clear during their lifecycle – while being generated, in use, or at rest. Therefore, the best way to protect keys from being compromised was to lock them within dedicated hardware.

Mathematically Proven Guarantees of Security

Unbound Key Control safeguards key material with mathematically proven security guarantees: Each private key is stored in two separate random shares. These shares are never combined at any point in time. The key material never exists in the clear either in memory, disk or over the network at any point throughout the key lifecycle, including key creation, in-use (e.g. for signing, decryption) and at-rest. Obtaining key material requires compromise of both pair nodes simultaneously.