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CompanyUNLOQ Systems
Company size (employees)8
Type of solutionService


UNLOQ is (probably) the only MFA solution able to generate a custom branded multi-factor authentication mobile app that offers 3 passwordless authentication methods, a way to authorise transactions, notify users through push notification and encrypt their data with personal encryption keys (as said by others, probably one of the most interesting stuff we’re doing).

The main product features are:
1. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) through:
– Push notifications
– Time-based one-time password
– Email
(Can be implemented as a second factor, or as the default mechanism)
2. Custom branded MFA mobile app
3. Custom transaction authorisations
4. Restricted access based on IP and Geo location
5. User’s personal encryption keys that encrypt/ decrypt data directly in the browser. That means zero-knowledge at the application level.
6. Custom push notifications that create a secure communication channel (information sharing between institutions)
7. Dashboard with the number of users, authentications and transactions for a period of time
8. Remote logout (in case of stolen PC) and device deactivation (in case of stolen phone)
9. [Coming soon] Add post login responsive web pages where users are logged in after they authenticate with the mobile app.

UNLOQ is applicable to many domains, ranging from Financial (Banking, Insurance, Investment etc.), E-Commerce (Retail, Wholesale) and other industries (Education, Healthcare, Government etc.)

How we are different

The main features that differentiate UNLOQ from its competitors are:
1.Custom branded (white label) MFA solutions.
Current MFA solutions requires a company to distribute to their users a third party application. Our solution generates custom branded MFA solutions that can be updated remotely with security patches w/o the company having to go again through the mobile app submission process.

2.Ability to easily create a mobile presence. UNLOQ offers the option for a company to add inside the custom branded MFA solution up to three custom web pages (as long as they are responsive). Once the user authenticate with the mobile app they’ll be logged in inside the web application as well (on the mobile app). This also opens a new communication channel for a service / web application through push notifications.

3. Encryption keys. Even though this might work only for specific services where the business does not need access to user’s data in order to operate, it could be an added value that they can deliver to their clients. One of the services that demonstrate the use of encryption keys and collaboration on encrypted data is

Besides these 3 main advantages, there is also the cost aspect. Current solutions are offered in the range of $1 to $8 / user / month with a few companies charging per authentication and other using a mixture of fix price per device + monthly subscription. UNLOQ technologies come at prices starting at $0.30 per active user per month and decreases (based on quantity) down to $0.02 per user per month.