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Company size (employees)40+


The company is ideally suited to the SME market as it provides enterprise-grade functions within a consumer-level solution. It provides considerable value for users with it’s single location for protecting and monitoring network health, from virus blocking to protecting users from bandwidth-hogging applications. The company consistently develops the NG Firewall product’s user friendliness, with a 360-degree dashboard and simple yet powerful reporting features. This customer-focused approach has fueled the company’s rapid market share growth in the past several years.

Untangle moves beyond the legacy approach to firewalls that is not in alignment with today’s applications. Adding remote and mobile workers to the mix demands a next-gen firewall solution that boosts (instead of restricts) worker productivity.

For the SME market, Untangle offers companies enterprise-grade perimeter security with the flexibility of a convergent Unified Threat Management (UTM) device. And all of this functionality is contained within a simple-to-use consumer-level product. It provides value for customers because it gives them insight into what is happening within their network through reporting and a 360-degree intuitive dashboard.

How we are different

1. Full UTM features including virus protection, web filtering, dynamic bandwidth monitoring, WAN failover, policy management, application controls, time-saving web caching and more.

2. Can be installed on consumer's own hardware or as a virtual appliance, the deployment of NG Firewall only requires a few minutes, so clients can quickly focus on revenue-generating activities, not the network.

3. Built to scalably meet the needs of companies ranging from a home office setup to firms of 150 employees with remote workers and considerable network traffic from connected mobile devices.