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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Attackers don’t think in silos; they exploit weaknesses in any lateral, adjacent area. However, most organizations still rely on siloed point solutions to protect cloud, containers, laptops, and servers. Today’s distributed enterprises must see security as more of a fabric or ecosystem, not as a set of siloed point solutions.

Uptycs solves this important challenge with its SaaS cybersecurity platform that helps organizations reduce risk by prioritizing threats and vulnerabilities spread across different types of IT infrastructure—all from a single UI. Uptycs is uniquely built to deliver a more cohesive enterprise-wide security posture in the following ways:

With Uptycs, organizations can make better risk decisions about vulnerabilities and threats–derived from risk signals emanating from a large volume and variety of security and IT data. Data which enterprises must control. No black boxes!

Uptycs customers can cover their modern attack surfaces, protecting digital assets spread across heterogeneous infrastructure through a platform that covers hybrid cloud, containers, laptops, and servers from a single platform, UI, and data model. Extensibility must be based on standardized telemetry and open standards.

Finally, Uptycs enables organizations to harden, detect, and respond more efficiently. They can eliminate tool, team, and infrastructure silos, and consolidating identity and policy management, and security intelligence to prioritize vulnerabilities for remediation, and speed up both threat detection and threat response.

How we are different

1. Uptycs covers the modern attack surfaces that security teams care about. Uptycs is the first security vendor to collect and analyze telemetry from almost every attack surface at today's cloud-first businesses. The solution runs on laptops, virtual machines, monitor kubernetes and serverless containers; analyzes AWS, GCP, and Azure configuration and CloudTrail events; and can even integrate activity from SaaS providers including GitHub and Okta. So what does that mean for a business? It means a unified platform that lets one see across their entire universe of technology and correlate, detect, and analyze threats at the scale and speed of the business.

2.Uptycs is committed to customer success. Customers are not just looking for vendors, but partners in their success. Uptycs staffs a significant customer experience team and the status of each account, including product utilization and requests, is tracked closely by the executive team. Each customer is assigned an engineer to help them in deployment and operationalization. The evidence that these efforts are successful is Uptycs phenomenal net-retention rate that shows our customer base is rapidly expanding their deployments.

3.The final way that Uptycs differentiates from the competition is in configurability and extensibility of the product. We use industry standards wherever possible, including SQL—the world’s most popular query language—for queries so that customers don’t have to learn a proprietary language. Our detection logic is completely transparent, not a black box, so that customers don’t have to wonder why a particular detection fired. The corollary is that they can copy and modify detections to suit the unique needs of their environment (a practice called detection engineering). We also support industry standard detection technologies including YARA for pattern-matching and JA3 for signatures of TLS communication.