Vade Secure for Office 365

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Vade Secure
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS

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Native, API-driven architecture - Vade Secure sits inside Office 365 thanks to its integration with the Microsoft Graph API. This approach offers several advantages over traditional gateway-based products, including instant activation (no MX changes required); a native user experience that leverages existing Outlook folders and doesn’t require an external quarantine; internal email scanning to protect against insider attacks; and the ability to augment and layer on top of native Office 365 security.
Machine learning-based predictive defense - While reputation and signature-based security products are only effective against known threats, Vade Secure is able to detect unknown, highly targeted attacks from the first wave or email. The solution leverages supervised machine learning models to perform real-time analysis of URLs and attachments to determine whether this content is malicious. Vade Secure has a unique advantage in that these models are fed by data from more than 550 million inboxes around the world, thanks to our ISP, telco, enterprise, and OEM customers.
Web-scale performance, no latency - Vade’s technology has been architected to support massive deployments, including large ISPs with tens of millions of users. This means that our solution can analyze and filter large volumes of emails, including URLs and attachments, with no latency to end users. It also provides us with rich global threat intelligence that enables us to detect and block new attacks before other products.

Brief Overview

Worldwide adoption of Office 365 is surging; there are now more than 155 million corporate users utilizing this cloud platform. As a result, Office 365 has become the number one target for phishing, spear phishing and other sophisticated email attacks. While the platform includes native security features, e.g. Exchange Online Protection (EOP), they’re rendered ineffective by the technical implementation of third-party email security tools. These tools hide the critical information EOP’s reputation-based defenses need to detect known threats.

Moreover, traditional tools only scan incoming email flow, ignoring a big source of Office 365 threats: insiders attacks using compromised accounts. Because of its native integration with the Microsoft Graph API, Vade Secure for Office 365 is able to augment, not replace, native Off 365 security. The solution’s predictive approach, leveraging supervised machine learning, offers superior protection against unknown, highly targeted phishing, spear phishing and malware attacks, including insider threats.

Vade Secure for Office 365 uniquely integrates with the Microsoft Graph API, offering the following advantages:
Instant deployment – The solution is deployed in just a few clicks, MX changes required!
Native UX – The solution is fully integrated in the Outlook Web or Desktop client, and doesn’t require a separate quarantine or user training.
Insider threat protection: Vade Secure scans internal messages sent between employees to protect against insider attacks.
Augment Office 365 Security – Vade Secure can effectively layer on top of native Office 365 security (e.g. EOP), without displacing it.

Thanks to its predictive, machine learning-based approach, Vade Secure detects new threats from the first email sent. These machine learning models are fed by data from more than 550 million mailboxes worldwide, thanks to Vade Secure’s relationships with ISPs, telcos, enterprises, and OEM partners.