Valtix Security Platform is the Industry’s first Cloud-Native Network Security Platform for MultiClouds

Additional Info

Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionSoftware


Valtix is the cloud-native network security platform for enterprises. Fundamental to Valtix’s platform approach is Discover, Deploy and Defend. The solution revolutionizes cloud network security with visibility and security policy enforcement that follows apps as they scale or move across regions and clouds. The centralized Valtix Cloud Controller supports automated firewall deployments for AWS, Azure and GCP. The firewall is architected and automated with built-in auto scaling, app-aware security policy through a single-pass pipeline for TLS decryption/encryption, advanced FW, complete IPS and WAF, which operates on a variety of cloud instance types from basic to the most advanced.

How we are different

● Platform-native full (on-going) application and network discovery; cloud-native deployment capabilities (auto-scale, tag-based policy, edge to transit gateway deploys); and, rich security services for best-in-class defense.
● Highest-performing (bandwidth +50Gbps, latency <8ms) security services with an industry’s first, single-pass pipeline of forwarding and proxy services: TLS, Advanced Firewall, IPS, WAF and more.
● Supports most network and application resiliency up to 5 Availability Zone deployments.