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In 2005, Yaki Faitelson left the security of his job to try and realize a vision to help enterprises monitor, control and protect an important type of data that was growing rapidly – unstructured data. While working for NetApp and implementing a project for a large energy firm, it was discovered that someone had deleted many critical files, including images taken of the ocean floor at great expense. Attempting to determine who deleted the files, and to recover them, became a monumental undertaking. There was simply no record of who deleted the data, and after many hours it was determined that many administrators and employees had the potential to access and even delete those files, undetected, though few needed that access to do their jobs. Yaki realized enterprises needed a much better way to track, visualize, analyze and protect their data.

An organization’s most critical information is often found in files and emails that are familiar to many – employee-generated presentations, spreadsheets, documents, media files. They contain everything from intellectual property to financial models to business plans to ocean-floor images. With the security industry focused on protecting network perimeters and no existing solutions that adequately addressed this kind of data, Yaki saw the necessity and opportunity for next-generation data management and protection automation. Yaki and his co-founder, Ohad Korkus, conceived and architected the Metadata Framework technology that now serves as the foundation for the Varonis platform. They have several patents for permissions visualization, simulation and data analysis.

Ten years later, the explosion of cyberattacks and data breaches have brought thousands of organizations to Varonis, which has a worldwide installation base and leads a market that crosses security, user behavior analytics, data governance, and collaboration. In Q4 2015, Varonis revenue grew 30% year-over-year, and reached $127 million for the full year

How we are different

• At the root of nearly every major data breach is compromised insider access to sensitive, valuable data. In almost every case, breaches go undetected for weeks and months before being discovered. For decades the security industry devoted most of its attention to preventing intrusions at the network perimeter – instead of on the data itself, who has access to it, and how easily that access can open the floodgates to data exfiltration and loss.

• With ten years experience, Varonis protects organization’s most critical information, Varonis solutions monitor, analyze, control and alert on employee access to and use of human-generated unstructured data (emails, files, presentations, spreadsheets, etc.).

• Varonis is the only vendor with the sophisticated ability to establish baselines of normal activity for every employee and account holder, make recommendations on data and access, and alert on anomalous behavior, thanks to a decade of collecting and analyzing metadata from companies on access and use of their unstructured data -- which is the data companies have the most of and know the least about. Varonis solutions enable enterprises to leverage this insight into reduced risk, improved operational efficiency, and increased productivity.