vast limits uberAgent

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Companyvast limits GmbH
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionSoftware


uberAgent is an innovative endpoint security analytics and user experience monitoring product for Windows and macOS.

A single lightweight agent for security analytics, performance monitoring, application reliability, application usage & inventory, VM sizing, and much more.

How we are different

1. Sysmon alternative

uberAgent is the better Sysmon alternative: uberAgent's detection rule language uAQL is both more powerful and much easier to read than Sysinternals' XML files.

Rule converters for your existing Sysmon and Sigma rules make it easy to replace Sysmon or other existing products with uberAgent. An online rule creation tool facilitates detection rule testing.

2. Built for Splunk

uberAgent has been built for Splunk from day one. It is optimized for minimal data volume to keep Splunk costs down.

uberAgent comes with 70+ dashboards that visualize the collected data. Creating custom dashboards and visualizations is quick and easy.

uberAgent has proven scalability to 300,000 endpoints per customer.

3. Rich dataset for almost any use case

While uberAgent ESA is focused on endpoint security analytics, it is backed by uberAgent UXM, the uberAgent component targeted at performance and UX monitoring. uberAgent is probably the only security product with such a rich dataset offering a 360 degree visibility into application behavior.