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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionSoftware


Vera, the leading digital rights management (DRM) solution by HelpSystems, enables businesses of all sizes to protect any kind of data with a single click. Users are then able to track, audit, and manage the policies securing files in real-time, no matter how far they travel. We believe that it should be possible to secure confidential data no matter what device, person, cloud, or application it travels to, even if it falls into the wrong hands.

With Vera, organizations are enabled to share sensitive data safely and securely with third parties. This includes protection and file access control for sensitive data like financial and legal documents that may contain PII or IP necessary to protect. Users gain the confidence that their data can only be accessed by those they choose, and organizations can stay in compliance and avoid costly data breaches.

Adoption is easy as Vera allows you to collaborate securely while maintaining the seamless user experience that highly productive users demand. End users don’t need to install any software to get started and administration of third parties is made simple.
One of Vera’s unique advantages is that our platform is 100% agnostic to platform, content, and storage. We make it effortless to securely collaborate with anyone, no matter which tools they choose to use, including email, Box, Dropbox, file shares, and more.

Data is always on the move, and security needs to go with it. Vera’s powerful DRM and data protection solutions enable organizations of all sizes, in any industry, to extend their security beyond the boundaries of their business.

How we are different

• Vera secures sensitive data through its entire lifecycle, everywhere it travels, no matter who has it or where it’s stored. We help you protect confidential data, like sensitive financial and legal documents, at the point of its greatest vulnerability—when it’s being used by others, and while it travels outside businesses’ perimeters into unmanaged domains, devices, and applications.

• Whereas traditional DRM tools require a cumbersome enrollment process for external users and third parties, Vera works seamlessly whether recipients have the Vera client in place or not. This ease of use encourages adoption and simplifies good security practices, all without interrupting regular workflows.

• Vera mitigates compliance risks, ensuring files containing PII, PCI or PHI can only be accessed by authorized users, providing an audit trail, and providing the ability to revoke access to sensitive files, even if they are shared with unauthorized users.