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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America

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Veracity was originally part of Frost Data Capital, as part of their incubator. We raised money from Frost Data Capital. They are backed by GE and others, who are trying to solve problems in the functional areas of industrial, financial services, and healthcare. Veracity was part of that industrial focus. The primary focus was on big data analytics for industrial systems, and particularly, predictive analytics and data about industrial processes. What they realized, in the process of pulling large scale data from industrial networks, is they realized all of that was bypassing internal network security. Those industrial networks were now exposed to IT infrastructure and were a security risk that didn't exist previously. Frost came up with the concept to help lock down those networks, because no one else was. Cisco doesn't do this, Palo Alto Networks doesn't do this, no one does this. You can't take a firewall which was designed for an IT network and deploy that into an industrial network, because those systems are based on proprietary algorithms and unpublished specifications. That's how Veracity was born.

Brief Overview

The Energy Department has selected an industry team composed of Veracity Industrial Networks, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories and Sempra Renewables to develop a networking platform designed to keep utility and industrial infrastructure operational in the event of a cyber attack.

Engineers from the companies will incorporate Ethernet communications technology into the new networking system, automate intrusion and malicious threat detection, reroute critical data and contain affected network areas.