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Company size (employees)50 - 99
Type of solutionSoftware


Veriato 360 creates a definitive record of employees’ digital behavior while on a physical desktop, a hosted application, or on a virtual machine—and provides organizations with the ability to see the context of user actions. It captures actual screen snapshots, replaying computer-based actions tied to activity data within context, before, during and after an event. Veriato 360 provides actionable data for incident response, high-risk insider monitoring and productivity reporting.

Veriato computer monitoring software uses a screen recorder that allows you to see the context of an event by watching the playback of the screen activity exactly as it occurred. Track activities on local, removable, and cloud storage, as well as print operations. See when files are created, edited, deleted, or renamed. When needed, the option to record every keystroke, including “hidden” characters and combinations, ensures you have the visibility you need into the activity of highly privileged users. With the Veriato keylogger feature, all keystrokes can be recorded.

Powerful activity alerting keeps you informed about potential security and policy violations, and can serve as a trigger to accelerate data capture when events you define occur.

Veriato 360 distinguishes between active and focused time – telling you if an application or website was opened and left idle, or being actively interacted with.

All data is written to an on–premises SQL database that uses a proprietary database schema. Object level encryption using AES or 3DES ensures the data remains secure.

Tens of thousands of organizations worldwide use Veriato to protect assets; monitor privileged users; reduce litigation risk; improve efficiency/productivity; and ensure policy compliance.

How we are different

1) Veriato 360 pricing starts at about $140/seat, whereas many competitors’ prices start at $400-$1,000/seat.

2) Veriato 360 can monitor User Activity on PCs and Mac. Competitors can typically only monitor PCs.

3) Veriato 360 is deployed on the endpoint, rather than the cloud. Endpoint monitoring is more secure than monitoring in the cloud. It also provides more accuracy and less noise for detecting insider threats, because activity is recorded on the device, even if the user is online or offline.