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Company size (employees)80
Type of solutionSoftware


Veriato Recon is user behavior analytics software that provides early warning of suspicious behavior by analyzing human behavior, studying both technical and psycholinguistic (psychological and neurobiological language factors) indicators for warning signs. The product analyzes insider behavior, detects anomalies, and alerts when behavioral shifts suggest insider threats. The software uses advanced machine-learning algorithms to deliver actionable alerts.

Recon analyzes user behavior, and using a combination of data science and machine learning, establishes what normal user behavior looks like. The product profiles multiple entities, includes users, peer groups, and groups created based on observed behavioral characteristics, enabling greater accuracy in anomaly detection. Built to be usable, the software’s simple step-by-step configuration and intuitive tuning enable organizations to rapidly benefit from the power of user behavior analytics.

The software watches for signs of change that are directly related to insider threats, and alerts you as soon as meaningful anomalies are detected. When an alert occurs, companies don’t have to piece together information from disparate sources in an effort to reconstruct what happened. The product provides a system of record that doesn’t require specialized expertise to decipher. Recon supports best practices for reviewing departing employee online activity during the 30-day period prior to resignation or termination.

Veriato Recon’s User Behavior Analytics can detect insider risk, and insider threats, early and reliably. Recon’s approach to UBA combines an intuitive user interface with powerful analytic capabilities, improving the effectiveness of your insider threat program, augmenting your other security investments (like SIEM), and lowering your risk to insider attacks.

Tens of thousands of organizations worldwide use Veriato to protect assets; monitor privileged users; reduce litigation risk; improve efficiency/productivity; and ensure policy compliance.

How we are different

1) Veriato Recon pricing starts at about $20/seat, whereas many competitors’ prices start at $400-$1,000/seat.

2) Veriato uses machine learning while most use rules-based analysis. By applying an analytics capability to the data, Veriato is able to detect shifts in behavioral patterns that would otherwise go unnoticed in rules-based systems. Utilizing machine learning and statistical analysis, the software automatically identifies deviations from the baseline that suggest threats to data security.

3) Veriato Recon is deployed on the endpoint, rather than the cloud. Endpoint monitoring is more secure than monitoring in the cloud. It also provides more accuracy for detecting insider threats, because activity is recorded on the device, whether the user is online or offline.