Verimatrix Key Shield

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware


Some of the most discerning app developers for the automotive industry depend on Verimatrix to safeguard connected applications for the world’s largest car manufacturers, deterring attacks by criminals and protecting valuable data while staying on track with product timelines.

Often labeled an application security innovator, Verimatrix offers proven tools to protect the technology that helps make connected cars a reality for so many. With Verimatrix Key Shield technology deployed in highly relied upon devices, leaders in the toughest industries trust Verimatrix to protect their content, equipment, technology and data.

How we are different

-- Ensuring Connected Cars are Safe – Verimatrix offers robust, automated and intelligent security solutions to keep connected cars safe. Cybersecurity incidents in the automotive industry are increasing every year. As more connected cars hit the road, security by design is the only way to ensure that data, digital systems, and drivers are protected from potentially devastating attacks.

-- Keeping Hackers Out – Nearly one third of all cyberattacks in the automotive industry involve keyless entry. If cryptographic keys are left exposed, criminals can steal and clone them almost instantaneously. Giving drivers the sleek, convenient keyless entry they expect without added security risk, Verimatrix protects their access and significantly reduces the threat.

-- Paving the Way for Success – Every point of vehicle contact expands the potential threat surface. Leading service providers weave security solutions into their automotive workflows early in the development cycle to ensure compliance as well as consumer protection. They’re paving the way to automotive cybersecurity success by partnering with Verimatrix.