Verint Threat Protection System

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Verint
Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionSoftware

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• Shortens time to detection, minimizing damage to the organization’s bottom line and reputation by providing a consolidated view and actionable analysis of the entire kill chain, identifying, investigating, and remediating advanced cyber threats across the attack surface. From initial detection through forensics gathering and automated investigation, cyber analysts get a single, integrated platform that lets them focus on what matters most and meet their defense goals efficiently and effectively.
• Automatically triages leads from multiple detection sensors with deep forensics to assemble a clear visualization of the attack path, transforming thousands of leads into a handful of meaningful incidents, helping create more context and understanding on threats to your organization. With actionable insights SOC teams can act earlier on real threats, stop attacks in their paths and minimize damages. Seeing, managing and responding to the attack in a unified, methodological manner provides an essential, new perspective about the attack and how to resolve it.
• Streamlines the way analysts work, facilitating better collaboration in the fight against sophisticated attacks, while addressing the pressing problem of the dearth of skilled professionals. Automates time-consuming investigation and incident response steps, offloading the SOC team and letting them focus on the most complex investigations where human judgment is required. By reducing the ‘noise’ the solution boosts analysts' skills and allows for better efficiency while delivering a more comprehensive picture of their organizational security.

Brief Overview

Verint Threat Protection System offers a new way to defend against sophisticated, persistent threats and accelerate the path from detection to response by automating the investigation process: identifying and verifying deep and wide attacks and analyzing, distilling and delivering Actionable Intelligence®.
Threat Protection System is the first multi-dimensional system that provides one unified, intelligence-driven platform for advanced threat detection and response. It proactively mimics the behavior of human analysts as it looks across the entire attack chain, hunting attackers relentlessly, continuously gathering evidence, generating intelligence, and providing key insights to stop cyber-attacks.
Using automation, it analyzes thousands of leads per day generated by its detection engines, providing clear, visual incident storylines, slashing discovery and investigation time for maximum efficiency. It fuses thousands of leads into a handful of prioritized incidents, reducing cyber investigation times from weeks to hours or minutes. The solution then institutes a recommended remediation plan and orchestrates the best response.
Verint Threat Protection System was designed for Security Operation Centers by specialists with deep experience in industry, government, and military SOCs. As a system built by analysts, for analysts, Threat Protection System helps security operations teams address the burden of alert overload and investigation complexity and lowers the skills barrier.
Threat Protection System continuously monitors networks and endpoints, delivers clear paths to the attackers, and creates strategic intelligence to anticipate new threats. The solution accelerates network audits, saving weeks of manual effort.
Verint Threat Protection System includes: broad-coverage monitoring of the environment such as network traffic, endpoints, files and payloads, command and control channels and lateral movement to detect indicators of compromise, and proactive network and endpoint forensics to confirm or refute attacks.
Threat Protection System’s open architecture easily integrates with third-party products to enhance security and remediation.