Viakoo Action Platform

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionSoftware


Viakoo, the leader in IoT device remediation, provides an automated scalable solution for defending IoT attack surfaces through the Viakoo Action Platform, ensuring devices have vulnerabilities remediated, can rejoin the network safely, and function properly.
This is possible due to the use of an enterprise-class solution, delivering full device remediation, repatriation, and compliance. The platform not only provides 802.1x certificate provisioning and management, but firmware upgrading for security fixes, and password enforcement.. Overall, the Viakoo Action Platform allows users to master the security of their cyber-physical systems.

Viakoo’s innovations include:
– Patents on reaching IoT devices across multiple network topologies
– Ability to work with multiple certificate authorities
– Secure chain-of-trust methodology for firmware and certificates
– Application-based discovery for tightly-coupled IoT devices
– Bi-directional data sharing with third-party discovery solutions

Viakoo designed its Action Platform to automatically identify, monitor, and update device firmware, passwords, and network certificates for an unlimited number of devices across an enterprise to keep them operational, reliable and secure. The platform repatriates the remediated devices back into production as fully operational network citizens with full audit documentation for compliance and governance. Viakoo was created for cyber buyers who are concerned about the massive cyber-attack surface their collection of IoT devices present, while delivering value to the business by working across multi-vendor environments to deliver the real-time view of every IoT device.

How we are different

Viakoo confronts the issue of managing outdated and insecure devices and IoT systems, shrinking the massive modern attack surface used for ransomware and data exfiltration of business devices, networks, applications, and private data.

Most of Viakoo’s remediation competitors only work with loosely coupled devices or manual processes that are difficult and slow to deploy. Viakoo separates themselves as their Action Platform enables vulnerability remediation for both loosely coupled and tightly coupled IoT devices to deliver what businesses need, all while quickly eliminating the cyber threat they represent.

Devices are constantly monitored for compliance and audit purposes, ensuring users are informed when failures occur. Overall, the Viakoo Action Platform allows users to master the security of their cyber-physical systems.