Viettel Endpoint Detection & Response

Additional Info

CompanyViettel Cyber Security Company
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionAsia
Type of solutionSoftware


Viettel Endpoint Detection & Response (VCS-aJiant) is one of the most innovative and comprehensive solutions of threat detection, investigation and response for hybrid deployment in South East Asia.

VCS-aJiant is the first technology solution proactively approaching full capabilities of endpoint protection, detection and response on a single platform in Vietnam. VCS-aJiant simplifies threat detection, investigation and response process, which can be deployed on both cloud and on premise environments. Our advanced detection for centralized monitoring to continuously in-depth collect endpoint data of system behaviors including file, process, memory, registry and network. VCS-aJiant provides both out-of-the-box and customized behavioral detection following MITRE ATT&CK framework. VCS-aJiant offers in-house UEBA feature to detect malicious behaviors while allowing hash banning and endpoint isolation. Based on VCS-aJiant report, nearly 75% more incidents were being detected and even higher percentage were actionable threats.

Our solution provides interactive attack chain visualization and search to quickly investigate attacker’s behaviors and accelerate incident response and threat hunting process by leveraging live response. Our advanced forensic capabilities by process timeline, interactive process tree conduct in-depth analysis, thereby maximize strategic incident response for analysts. Applying Machine Learning technology, VCS-aJiant offers automated and high quality insights of attacks in order to reduce manual efforts and boost the speed and productivity of analyst in different levels. Our solution integrates powerful toolkits to accelerate threat hunting on a large scale of system.

In fact, VCS-aJiant helped to improve incident response time by 60% and reduce 50% investigation time, resulting in $1million dollar saving for three years since we launched our product on market.

How we are different

- Powerful and simplified threat detection, investigation and response platform
Unlike traditional endpoint detection and response solution in which security analysts lack the visibility beyond suspicious activity and have no capabilities to prioritize threats in early stage, VCS-aJiant has a strong capabilites in APT detections and insider threats. Our solution integrates complete Threat Feeds from Viettel Threat Intelligence Platform and continously updates threat intelligences from our exclusive sources, taking advantage of the largest ISP in South East Asia. In addition, our Threat Hunting experts who have been recognized as the top worldwide white hackers proactively update the latest intelligence for VCS-aJiant. Our solution leverages Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis, User and Entity Behavior Analytics capabilities developed by Viettel Cyber Security in order to quickly detect the latest malware, APT attacks meanwhile prioritizing threats without noise, hereby ensures customer protection before being attacked.
- In-depth and complete visibility with open platform of 100+ out-of-the-box integration
VCS-aJiant is an open platform that allows open API and 100+ out-the-the-box integration into existing security stack in order to fit diverse organizational needs. Our solution offers complete intuitive user interface for end-to-end detection, investigation and response on one single platform, hereby improves security analyst's productivity and boosts incident response with speed. In fact, based on our report with customers, our solutions effectively reduced Mean time to detect (MTTD) from three months or one year to only few hours.
- Lightweight, scalable, simple deployment
VCS-aJiant is designed to be lightweight and easy to deployed. Our solutions available both on premise and in the cloud to meet any organizational needs. Based on our interviews with 20+ clients, our customers said that VCS-aJiant is highly effective and ease of use in which they can quickly see payback value for very short time after deployment.