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CompanyViettel Cyber Security Company
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionService


Viettel Cyber Security is a branch of Viettel Group – The largest telecommunications group in Vietnam with 76 million customers in 10 countries, developing information security solutions and providing information security services for domestic and foreign organizations and enterprises.

Viettel Incident Response service is performed manually by Viettel’s leading cybersecurity expert, has many years of experience in detect, response, analysis malicious code on many production systems of many agencies, large organizations and enterprises in Vietnam. Our service leverage global threat intelligence, and combined with knowledge experts accumulated by Viettel in the process of security research and providing network security services for Viettel internal (over 11 countries) and clients.

Most organizations still have a difficult time responding to intrusions from advanced adversaries. Especially a country that is always in the top of the hot spots for cyberattacks in the world like Vietnam, everything becomes even more difficult. Viettel Incident Response service is designed to equip businesses with an integrated suite of solutions for security incident handling, including solutions before, during and after an incident. Viettel Incident Response service builds a six-step incident process that follows the SANS Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR) process, and is flexibly adjusted to suit the specifics of each customer, helping to minimize processing time and damage caused by incidents.

Since first time being released to the market in 2014, Viettel Incident Service has provided over 50 customers from small to large scale, including banking, financial services, telecommunications, airlines and government, proactively and quickly response to more than 100 incident in Vietnam. All customers of our service commented that the value that the service brings to them and to the community is difficult to measure.

How we are different

• Characteristic intellectuals
In addition to constantly applying new knowledge and techniques in the world, Viettel Incident Response service applies characteristic intellectuals about malware, network attacks and security threats specific to the Vietnam's Internet environment, especially APT attacks targeted in Vietnam - a country that is always in the top of hot spots for cyberattacks in the world.
Viettel Incident Response service performs in-depth hunting and forensics typical signs of APT attacks, accumulated from the knowledge of Viettel's experts through more than 10 years of detecting and responding to APT attacks in Vietnam, detected many malwares, APT attacks, new campaigns that have never been announced (from top famous and dangerous groups in the world such as APT32, Goblin Panda, etc.). Viettel Incident Response service also using global threat intelligence from Viettel Threat Intelligence system, and the advantages of the largest ISPs in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, thereby proactively lowering mean time to detect and response to new incident.

• Advanced technology and processes:
Viettel Incident Response service applies the SANS Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR) process, consists of 6 steps: Preparation, Identification, Containment and Intelligence Development, Eradication and Remediation, Recovery, Follow Up.
Viettel Incident Response service also uses knowledge of attack techniques according to the MITER ATT&CK Framework; uses commercial tools in combination with toolkits researched and developed by Viettel, such as Threat Intelligence (Viettel Threat Intelligence)

• Security experts:
- 200 cybersecurity experts, professionally trained, more than 10,000 hours of experience, handled more than 100 incidents, with many prestigious international certificates (GCFA, CHFI, OSCP, CISSP, CEH,...).
- Professional security experts team in Vietnam with around 300 CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures)
- Top 30 Security Researchers of Tesla.
- Top 10 Security Researchers of PayPal.
- Top 10 Security Researchers of PHP.
- Top 30 Hackers of Microsoft.
- Top MVP Researchers