Viettel Virtual SOC

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CompanyViettel IDC
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionAsia
Type of solutionService


Viettel Virtual SOC (vSOC) is a key product launched in 2023 by Viettel IDC – Vietnam’s leading data center and cloud computing provider.
Viettel vSOC, also known as SOC-as-a-service, is a 24/7 Information Security monitoring service provided by the leading cybersecurity experts in Vietnam. With the following three outstanding features, Viettel vSOC will support customers in monitoring, tracking, analyzing, and efficiently handling threats.
First and foremost, the service allows organizations to quickly detect abnormal behaviors and respond to security incidents, thereby minimizing risks and vulnerabilities and actively preempting potential hidden attacks. By automatically responding to threats, Viettel vSOC helps create a reliable Information Security environment for businesses, ensuring proactive access to network security.
Secondly, Viettel vSOC is built on the OPEN XDR platform, a pioneering and leading technology in the market, provided at a reasonable and competitive cost. This platform allows for comprehensive and integrated threat detection and response, leveraging advanced analysis and automation to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of security operations. Furthermore, the service commits to ensuring quality through clear Service Level Agreements (SLAs), providing customers with confidence in the reliability and performance of monitoring and security response capabilities.
Last but not least, this solution demonstrates the ability to collect, monitor, and analyze data from various environments and platforms, including applications, connected devices, networks, servers, virtualization, and multi-cloud environments. This capability extends to large solution providers such as Viettel, CMC, and FPT and leading cloud service providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. By providing such extensive coverage, Viettel vSOC introduces a comprehensive and effective solution for ensuring Information Security for organizations, serving the increasingly complex and evolving challenges of modern network security.

Key Capabilities / Features

Viettel IDC annually surveys to understand customer needs and identify common pain points related to information security and data protection.
1. A lack of knowledge and experience in detecting and handling security threats leads to missed potential threats and uncertainty in responding to security incidents.
2. The significant resource investment required to build and maintain an in-house Security Operations Center (SOC), including personnel, hardware, software, and infrastructure.
3. The high cost associated with building and maintaining an in-house SOC, including infrastructure development, deployment, maintenance, purchasing security tools and software, training staff, and paying salaries for the SOC team.
4. Difficulty in maintaining and updating technology in the rapidly evolving security field.
5. Challenges in continuously monitoring security 24/7, creating opportunities for attackers due to gaps in detecting and responding to security incidents.
6. Struggles in responding quickly and effectively to security incidents, leading to potential downtime and negative impacts.

In response to these needs, Viettel IDC has introduced the Viettel vSOC service with six main functions:

1. Comprehensive 24/7 monitoring of servers, workstations, applications, and network traffic, detecting abnormalities in the customer's system.
2. Investigation, security coordination, and automatic response functions to investigate attack alerts, eliminate false positives, and respond to threats automatically.
3. Next-Generation Open XDR platform utilizing AI, Big Data, Threat Intelligence, and other technologies to automatically collect, enrich, detect, investigate, and respond to information security.
4. Threat hunting and reporting using Machine Learning, AI, and Big Data technologies for proactive threat hunting, intrusion attack tracing, vulnerability exploitation analysis, and APT detection.
5. Centralized management and personalization, including comprehensive monitoring, interface personalization for each customer, and support for user 2-factor authentication.
6. Feedback and handling function for information security alerts 24/7, ensuring timely investigations, quarantine, isolation, and alert information sent to the customer for processing.

How we are different

Viettel Virtual SOC stands out from its competitors due to several key factors.
Firstly, Viettel vSOC utilizes the most advanced comprehensive security technology available today: Open XDR (including Nextgen SIEM, NDR, APT SANDBOX, SOAR, SIEM, TI, ML-IDS, Case management, NTA...) to detect, automatically respond and cope with security threats in a complex network environment. The Open XDR platform combines security information from various sources, including network devices, endpoint systems, applications, and services, to create a comprehensive picture of network security status. The solution employs AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning to analyze data and detect suspicious behaviors, attack patterns, and new threats.
Secondly, the service offers flexible deployment, supporting various deployment models including On-Premise, Cloud, and Hybrid, with multi-site, multi-branch models in different geographical locations and easily scalable deployment according to actual needs. It seamlessly integrates with customers' existing network infrastructure and third-party solutions. In particular, Viettel vSOC service is managed and monitored on a single personalized screen tailored to the needs of each customer.
Finally, competitive pricing is a crucial factor for Viettel vSOC. It offers a comprehensive 24/7 surveillance security solution with optimized and competitive costs, suitable for the capabilities and needs of diverse customer segments and industries. With its reasonable pricing, Viettel vSOC generated over 40 billion in 2023, just within its first launch year. By the end of 2023, the service had attracted over 50 customers, including SMEs, large enterprises, government departments, etc., in Vietnam to register for the service POC. In 2024, the number of customers accessing and experiencing the service will reach 200, coming from various sectors, promising a surge in revenue for the company. Viettel IDC has set its strategy to ensure 24/7 information security monitoring for every SME and large enterprise in the Vietnamese market amid escalating cybersecurity threats.