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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Security technology has not kept pace with the rapid shift to virtual infrastructure, and disappearing network boundaries, and hackers are easily exploiting application weaknesses with fileless and memory-based attacks. We believe that a new approach is required to counter today’s threats.

Instead of relying on signatures of past attacks to guess what’s coming next, Virsec has developed pioneering technology that precisely pinpoints threats at the source, within business-critical applications. Our platform maps correct application behavior, and instantly detects and blocks deviations caused by attacks. This deterministic approach stops threats in real-time, delivering unprecedented accuracy, without false positives. Virsec protects any application, patched or unpatched, across the full application stack including threats to web applications, compiled code and host systems.

Virsec is run by industry veterans who are passionate about changing the balance of power in cybersecurity and restoring control to organizations, building our reputation as a leader in cybersecurity innovation and game-changing cyber defense strategy. Innovation runs deep in everything we do, and we have developed extensive IP with more than a dozen patents in critical areas of security.

Our CEO, Atiq Raza is an industry luminary who challenged Intel, with NextGen, which was acquired by AMD, and he served as AMD’s president. Atiq has started dozens of successful startups from inception to exit. Co- founder and chief technologist Satya Gupta combines deep technical knowledge with creative problem solving and hands-on security experience. Through academic research and government grants, Satya has worked for years to develop unique security capabilities at the memory level. Satya has applied for close to 20 patents with more them a dozen already granted.
By combining deep industry experience, breakthrough technology and careful execution, Virsec promises to be a game-changer and major disruptor in the security industry.

How we are different

• Virsec has pioneered a new model for security with Runtime Application Memory Protection, which protects applications from the inside and proactively detects and stops crippling attacks targeting critical infrastructure, including Industroyer, WannaCry, NotPetya, Havex, and Triton, that have all used fileless techniques to attack critical applications in runtime.

• Our technology has been deployed by industry leaders like Raytheon, AVEVA, GHD and Schneider Electric, as well as industry leaders in financial services, healthcare, hi-tech and more.

• Virsec is made up of leading experts and professionals from various disciplines including network security, semi-conductors, embedded systems and real-time memory systems. The team has broad experience across all sizes of global technology organizations, with decades of experience delivering innovative technology and leadership at companies including AMD, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Juniper, Dell, NextGen, BMC Software, Websense, as well a long list of high-growth and successful start-up organizations.