VMware SD-WAN Client

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Distributed applications and workforces are key components for today’s
organizations to innovate and scale, but admins are dealing with a slew of security and connectivity issues. To answer the need for remote SD-WAN access without a hardware SD-WAN edge, VMware is introducing the software-based VMware SD-WAN Client.

The VMware SD-WAN Client, announced in November and currently in beta, provides a simple, secure, and high-performance remote access service that follows the principles of zero trust to securely connect remote workers’ endpoints and mobile devices without hardware edges. It will provide enterprise IT with an easy and secure remote access solution that boosts productivity by optimizing connections for speed and quality, as well as provide robust security with connections that are encrypted end-to-end following a zero-trust model. At the same time, integrated AIOps capabilities will ease the support burden for enterprise IT.

The solution can be delivered from the cloud or deployed on premises. The cloud-managed service sets up in minutes. VMware SD-WAN Client will replace expensive and inflexible VPN hardware infrastructure to deliver a high-performance private network fabric between servers, clouds, and remote workers’ desktop or mobile devices and without requiring hardware edges. It will also reduce overhead and maintenance costs while providing a better application experience for users working remotely or while traveling.

VMware SD-WAN Client will be fully integrated with VMware SD-WAN and share its benefits, including integrated AIOps for deep visibility into the end-user experience, Dynamic Multipath Optimization for fast and reliable connections, adherence to common strict security standards, and access to a worldwide network of SASE PoPs for a fast on-ramp to multi-cloud.

How we are different

● Uncompromised security: The solution will allow access to only those resources a user is entitled to, based on their identity and device posture. (For example, the system will check whether mandated antivirus software is installed.) Remote access tunnel is encrypted end-to-end and is based on the principles of zero trust, and will be supported on end devices including mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and servers.
● Improved user experience: VMware SD-WAN Client will mitigate poor performance on the last-mile access network and ensure optimal connectivity to the nearest PoP, removing any dependency on hardware. This improves worker satisfaction and productivity through fast and reliable connections to applications. SD-WAN Client will not require centralized VPN concentrators that take time to set up. It’s easy to establish on-demand secure tunnels that can also build an autonomous, decentralized network.
● Simplified operations including AIOps: VMware SD-WAN Client supports B2B private networks. No hardware is required for optimization from the users across a private network or the last mile to the nearest PoP. As a cloud-hosted solution, it is fast to set up as a VPN replacement and to establish peer-to-peer networks. Operations will get visibility into user experience because SASE AIOps is integrated with VMware SD-WAN. The solution will provide proactive insights when any deviation in normal user experience is detected and undertake corrective action through self-healing or operator-assisted remediation.