VMware Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense

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Company size (employees)10,000 or more
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


According to the Verizon Mobile Security Index, 45% of organizations reported a mobile compromise in 2022 (nearly double reported compromises in 2021).

Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) provides advanced security and detects threats including phishing. MTD is embedded in the Workspace ONE platform in a way that makes security more effective.

In the past, it has been hard to activate mobile security because the mobile security application must be launched by an end user in order to take effect. MTD makes it easier to deploy and manage advanced mobile protection to corporate and BYOD users. Security is delivered via Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, where users receive notifications and take actions from a tool that they already use for work.

MTD is designed to protect Android, iOS, and Chrome OS mobile-enabled devices from the following:
● Web and content vulnerabilities exposed through phishing via email, SMS, and messaging apps. This includes malicious URLs; web pages, videos, photos; and web and content behaviors and configurations.
● Application-based threats such as mobile malware, app vulnerabilities, and risky application behaviors and configurations.
● Web and content vulnerabilities exposed through phishing via email, SMS, and messaging apps. This includes malicious URLs; web pages, videos, photos; and web and content behaviors and configurations.
● Zero-day threats and device vulnerabilities including jailbreak and root access detection. Device risk including OS version and update adoption.
● Machine-in-the-middle attacks and risky behaviors such as SSL certificate stripping; forcing weaker algorithm negotiation; and vulnerabilities associated with rogue Wi-Fi.

MTD is integrated with Workspace ONE UEM, which allows IT to streamline the management of devices and drive automatic remediation via UEM when threats are detected.

Note: The integrated phishing and content protection is available as a beta offering and will be generally available at a future date.

How we are different

● Protection built into Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub: Easier to deploy security across devices. Integrated solution eliminates the need to install multiple agents and reduces resource usage while protecting user privacy. Hub surfaces detected issues to the user and recommends remediation actions in a simple user experience. Available via Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub enrollment, simplifying delivery to corporate and personal devices.
● Best-in-class mobile security powered by Lookout leverages AI and behavioral insights generated from over 200 million devices, 150 million apps, and 4.5 billion web items. Machine learning and predictive intelligence help detect known and emerging threats. With more than 175 patents and a record that includes creating the first mobile security product, Lookout is an innovative partner.
● Eliminates silos and automate reporting and remediation: MTD can help management and security teams glean value from telemetry and threat information by aggregating data, applying AI and machine learning, then triggering alerts and remediation. Workspace ONE Intelligence makes it possible to associate telemetry data from endpoints, applications, and users with threat information from MTD. Reporting and insights can be displayed in aggregate for team review. Specific conditions can trigger auto remediation via UEM so that risks are addressed in real time. Users can be automatically notified of issues that require self-remediation; users and devices can also be flagged for follow up.
● Phishing and content protection: Web filtering has been challenging to enable in the past. For example, Android allows for one VPN only and most filtering solutions require use of VPN settings to intercept traffic for filtering. MTD improves the implementation of content filtering by building it into the secure connections of Workspace ONE Tunnel. Organizations can protect mobile endpoints while enabling secure access to corporate resources with per-app or full device tunneling of traffic, thereby eliminating VPN conflicts.