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Company size (employees)20
Headquarters RegionMiddle East


Votiro provides organizations with protection against undisclosed and zero-day exploits utilized in cyber-attacks. The company’s Secure Email Gateway provides a robust process and patented Advanced Content Disarm and Reconstruction technology for sanitizing incoming files from potential cyber-threats. The entire process is invisible to users and takes less than a second.

Votiro’s technology cleanses incoming email, protecting organizations against undisclosed and zero-day exploits, while threats today are primarily unknown and competitors mostly protect against the known (such as anti-virus technologies). The technology is a managed security service, saving an organization the expense of maintaining additional servers and carrying out time-consuming endpoint installations. It works automatically, removing the human factor from the security equation. The technology is also the only product on the market that can successfully identify and protect against document-based viruses in less than a second, while competing products cannot do so. Most APT solutions require the use of sandbox technology, which takes 5-30 minutes to employ and are often not accurate, while Votiro’s technology takes less than a second. The entire process is also invisible to users without disrupting day-to-day business activity and keeps the functionality of the original file.

How we are different

• Unique patented technology for prevention of cyber attacks
• Enterprise-grade design
• Flexible deployment options (cloud-based, on-premises and hybrid)