Votiro: Industry-Leading API-centric CDR Solution Provider

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


As more organizations take on digital transformation projects and implement new digital processes, they must also rely on the integration of data from many other external sources via APIs. Votiro empowers users to leverage APIs for application-to-application systems or third-party softwares, such as cloud storage environments, web applications or customer-facing portals with risk of malware infection in the files that are transferred between systems. Votiro prevents the hidden, unknown threats that are transferred through these processes and softwares. And, as a result, enterprises can integrate new APIs without increased risk of malware penetration.

Since Votiro assumes all inbound content is malicious, the solution proactively sanitizes every file and helps organizations apply Zero Trust to their APIs and digital processes applications. Many technologies do not have the ability to prevent malware infiltrating through files received via APIs, collaboration platforms, or other applications.

Votiro is the industry-leading API-first CDR solution provider that provides:

Cloud-native CDR service that connects with existing security to safely deliver files without disrupting business continuity.
Open APIs to integrate and prevent malicious files uploaded to web apps, portals, or any cloud services used to receive customer files.
An optional plug-in to integrate into existing proxy servers and secures any file downloaded from Chrome or Edge browsers.

Votiro’s agnostic, agentless, API-centric solution can be integrated into existing services, apps, and processes easily and quickly. Its cloud-based, open API, and auto-scaling functionality allows for limitless scalability to seamlessly accommodate surges in files throughout. Votiro’s solution is an agentless SaaS solution that doesn’t sit on the endpoint or require internal resources to maintain and update.

How we are different

Votiro supports organizations’ digital transformation and transactions initiatives, empowering users to securely integrate and leverage multiple softwares and applications. Votiro ensures that files used in new, digital, application-to-application processes implemented by digital and IT teams are sanitized of hidden and unknown malware threats.

Votiro enhances third-party collaboration. More organizations are relying on third-party partner integrations and contracting vendors, such as cloud services companies. This increases their attack surfaces. Votiro enables high-volume acceptance of secure files from the public and untrusted sources to keep business flowing and significantly reduces third-party risk and supply chain risk from vendors, customers, and partners.

Votiro can be integrated into existing services, apps, and processes easily and quickly. Votiro empowers users to manage multiple services and applications in a single pane-of-glass dashboard. The solution complements and integrates with other security tools, adding an additional layer of threat intelligence and threat defense.