Votiro Positive Selection™ Technology: Powering the Secure File Gateway

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Votiro
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS

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- Votiro differs from detection-based solutions, which are easily breached by tactics such as delayed execution or VBA referencing-based evasion techniques, frequently used by threat actors. Votiro’s Positive Selection™ technology guarantees 100% file safety, including protection from zero-day attacks. Votiro’s solutions successfully prevent known and unknown threats from infiltrating an organization’s network and have never allowed a single breach in seven years, despite processing 5+ million files.
- Votiro’s solution can be implemented in less than 90 minutes and seamlessly integrates with existing solutions to maximize employee productivity. Votiro requires zero maintenance from security teams, is simple to install and immediately begins protecting against 150+ weaponized file types, including .ppt, docs, pdfs, and image files, all the way to more complex formats and zipped and password-protected files. Additionally, Votiro recently released their Secure File Gateway version 9.4, which is able to process more than 100,000 files per hour.
- Votiro’s revolutionary approach both encompasses and goes beyond foundational CDR solutions and capabilities to sanitize - from malicious code to exploit threats - while preserving the integrity and functionality of the original file. Votiro’s unique solutions protect networks and infrastructures from external cyber threats, all while allowing recipients to save, edit, use and share files without risk - whether they are in-office or remote.

Brief Overview

Votiro redefined file security by developing an innovative approach that singles out only safe elements of each file, protecting 100% of weaponized files from entering organizations. Votiro has the most advanced file security technology available: working invisibly in the background, completely eliminating threats without interrupting business. Votiro’s Secure File Gateway solution leverages Positive Selection™ technology – an innovative advancement in the Content Disarm and Reconstruction space. It’s the only security solution that ensures all file/attachments – be it emails, downloads, applications, or zipped and password-protected files – are safe when entering organizations. As a result, Votiro’s technology hasn’t experienced a single breach in 5+ million files sanitized so far.

Votiro’s revolutionary Positive Selection™ technology progresses beyond CDR technology. Implementing Votiro adds a necessary security layer to data in motion, allowing only safe material through, so security teams don’t need to guess the nature of next generation malware. Employees can receive and open emails and attachments without fear, enable digital servicing using portals (Box, Dropbox, and Slack), and allow web downloads so files can be uploaded, downloaded, and edited, without compromising security.

Secure File Gateway for Email: Easily connects with all mail servers, protecting content and attachments without delaying or disrupting business
Secure File Gateway for Web Downloads: Integrates into existing proxy servers and secures any file downloaded from any browser.
Secure File Gateway for Web Applications: Protects against malicious files uploaded via company-specific web apps, portals, or other services used to receive customer files.

Votiro offers fundamental change for companies mitigating potential threats: instead of looking for “bad” behavior or patterns (i.e., blacklist approach), Votiro delivers documents in a clean format, only allowing safe elements to pass. This guarantees end users receive the same file–including macros and active content–with potential risk extracted.