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Company size (employees)11-50


Votiro has built one of the world’s most effective defenses against email-based cyberattacks, specifically zero-day and undisclosed threats, with one of the fastest scans on the market (taking less than a second).

Votiro’s technology neutralizes undisclosed and zero-day threats without having to rely on known signatures. The process is automatic and therefore does not rely on employees’ assessment of incoming files’ safety. This patented solution has been certified by major security authorities around the world.

How we are different

1.) Votiro's Zero-Day Exploit Protection helps keep customers’ sensitive data (such as credit card information, passwords, and other classified data) safe by removing threats from all files attached to email messages coming into your network
2.) Votiro offers advanced protection against Spear-Phishing attacks, protecting organizations against known, undisclosed, and zero-day exploits. (Many of the world’s leading banks including Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds banking Group, RBS and Santander have reported human error to be responsible for 93 percent of breaches)
3.) Offers Cloud-based deployment benefits: This saves you the effort and expense of maintaining additional servers and carrying out endpoint installations, and rewards you with a return on your cybersecurity investment. It also takes practically no time to set up.