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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Wabbi’s continuous security platform orchestrates and correlates all components of an application security program to bridge the gap between security and development. By analyzing existing product design architecture and security policies, Wabbi enables context-based management of application security enabling its end-to-end integration into the complete software development lifecycle, and ongoing dynamic management of it in real-time in responses to changes both in security requirements and at the application layer. This enables transparency in and prioritization of the security activities and remediation, with closed loop-integrations to reduce noise in existing security and development workflows.

How we are different

- Wabbi has defined the market of Application Security Orchestration and Correlation so enterprises can simplify the complexity of integrating security and development. The promise of DevSecOps has failed to be realized due to one-sided, point-solution based efforts that fail to marry the Security and DevOps processes which is required to integrate AppSec in the SDLC. While DevSecOps has been discussed for the better part of a decade, Wabbi is finally enabling its promise to be realized with its industry leading platform and will lead the DevSecOps revolution.

- As the only true application security platform that enables not just integration, but interoperability between Security & Development environments, Wabbi provides a full-stack view of the application security posture from asset risk to policy compliance. Traditional approaches and point solutions in the market fail to capture this which means they are not providing an accurate assessment of the application risk posture because they don’t have the whole picture. Wabbi goes as afar as to understand the asset relationships and rules – even for unscanned assets.

- Wabbi goes beyond benefiting an organization by reducing the risk of breach through more effective Application Security. It has hard ROI on the bottom line as it reduces project delivery delay, increases developer productivity, and enables exponential scaling of the AppSec team without a single additional FTE.